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1 thing every pet owner will love

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Every pet person agrees that our pets mean everything to us. We shower them with so much love and they love us just as much in return. No matter if they are young or old (but young at heart), that love will never go away. It can be heartbreaking to think for just a second that someday they won’t be right by our side, but no matter what the love we have for them will go on.

Comfort Connects has collaborated with Aura Hemp to create personalized keepsakes to remember and honour your beloved pet. Both the AuraHemp team and I are pet owners, and we couldn’t imagine going through life without our furry friends. From hamsters to dogs we treasure our time with them all and cherish every special memory. These bracelets are created at your request as a simple, yet powerful reminder of your love for your pets.

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Customize your bracelet to capture your special memories

Choose from a circle, rectangle, or heart charm that is hand stamped letter by letter on a thick but light-weight aluminum charm. These charms can be personalized to bear any name, date, or symbol you wish. After stamping and finishing the metal, the charm is woven into a bracelet band created from 100% natural hemp. Over twenty different colours options are available, each one dyed using non-toxic and sustainable dyes. These bracelets also feature an adjustable sliding closure to ensure your bracelet is easy to put on, take off, and wear at the most comfortable size.

Personalize these bracelets in any way you like to honour your fur baby or to give to a pet lover as a gift. These bracelets are unisex and suitable for all ages. Simple, fun, and meaningful in design, you or the person receiving it as a gift will love it.

Our customers love how the product looks and feels, as well as our fast shipping.

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