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12 ways to reconnect with yourself after a loss

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It’s easy to lose yourself in the midst of your busy life and especially when you are living with grief. Acknowledging that you feel lost is the first step, followed by exploring ways for you to reconnect with yourself again. Often this means resetting yourself and going back to the basics. These basic needs can be little things but crucial to live a functioning life. Below we will discuss some ways that you can get lost in the moment as a way to reconnect with yourself.

1. Travel

Whether you choose to get out of town for a few hours or hop on a plane for a week’s respite. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to make yourself a priority when you are traveling. Getting away from your everyday location can provide you with an opportunity for new perspectives and personal growth. Both of which can be helpful for finding yourself again.

2. Put your feet on the Earth

Earthing or Grounding is the transfer of the Earth’s energies into yourself. In a time before the modern world, people walked around barefooted. This helped them stay connected to the earth and themselves. There were many benefits to this, such as better sleep and improved psychological needs. So get outside, put your feet on the grass, in the mud, in the sand, or in the water. Personally I love sitting outside with my toes playing in the strands of grass. This experience enables me to shut off from the world and just take in the feelings I get from Earthing.

3. Listen to nature’s song

Turn off your music. Listen to the birds singing, the rain falling, the waves crashing, and the leaves blowing – what a beautiful soundtrack. Listening to nature’s sounds can be beneficial for relaxation, improved sleep, and mood. Try meditating while listening to nature’s soundtrack to fully embrace the benefits.

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4. Move your body

This can range from stretching to dancing to your favorite song that just came on the radio. Take time to stretch your body and embrace the feelings associated with your muscles loosen. And if you are dancing, feel the music as the rhythm flows through you. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you move your body. The movement will help with blood flow, improving mood, and decreasing stress. All which are beneficial for relaxing and reconnecting with who you are.

5. Get out on the water

If you have the opportunity to get out on the water, do it! I encourage kayaking as it’s one of my favorite water activity that truly relaxes me. Once you are out on the water, just stop for a second and be still. Take in the beauty around you and acknowledge the stillness of the water that you are surrounded by. This is a beautiful experience – floating on stillness. Experiences like this will help remind you of nature’s beauty and make you feel part of it.

6. Write

Journalling can be a beneficial way to start reconnecting with yourself. Take some time each day to write. Keeping a gratitude journal can become a beautiful collection of things that make your heart happy and reflect upon whenever you need too. Expressing your thoughts and feelings on paper can help you narrow in on exactly how you are doing, physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is also a great way to identify your values and goals.

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7. Get up early and watch the sunrise

There is something special about watching the sunrise. Watching the start of a new day rising and embracing the day right from the beginning. Watching the sunrise can help set the tone for the day that lays ahead of you. Grab your morning tea and embrace the sky as it changes through nature’s beautiful colors as the world sleeps around you.

8. Stargaze

As the day comes to an end and the world goes to sleep, get outside and look at the stars. Sit, lay on the grass or in a hammock – whatever you like. Gaze at the twinkling stars and get lost in the universe above us. Explore the patterns in the stars or even think of the stars as our lost loved looking down at us. Stargazing before bed can help relax your body in preparation for a restful night’s sleep.

9. Close your eyes and breathe

This may sound silly but how often do you purposefully close your eyes and just breathe. Focus on your inhale and exhale. Inhale new opportunities and exhale old habits. With each breath feel your body move and really acknowledge each breath for what it is. To add to this experience, try doing this exercise in the sun. The rays will help improve mood, sleep, and provide you with your needed amount of vitamin D.

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9. Sleep with no alarm

Listen to your body because sometimes your body just needs sleep. Your body and your mind need rest in order to function properly. Setting aside time to sleep with no alarm can help you immensely. This undisturbed rest helps deal with emotional information which in turn can clear your mind allowing you to gather your thoughts and reconnect with yourself.

10. Be still

Turn your technology off, even your phone and just be still. Sit, stand, lay – on your couch, in the garden, at the park – anywhere, any time, just be still. Take time to allow for your mind to shut off from everything going on around you. Being still can improve your overall brain functions while relieving stress. Try adding this to your daily routine for the chance to starting feeling like the person you used to be.

12. Eat and drink well

Another basic need that is often pushed aside is eating and drinking well. When you nourish your body you also nourish your soul. Which in turn can improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Eat foods that truly make you feel good. Whenever your body and mind feel good, you can focus on the next steps in getting to a place that you enjoy with yourself.

These exercises are not suggested as a way to overcome grief, because grief is part of your life. I hope that these exercises bring you peace, a chance to pause, and an opportunity to reconnect with yourself again in different ways throughout your days.

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