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14 special things to do with cremated remains

Did you know that you can do a lot more with cremated remains than have them sit in a traditional urn? While this is an option that many take to keep their loved ones close, for those who want a unique option you can find fourteen special things to do with cremated remains in this list. If you and your loved ones haven’t talked about what you like to happen to your remains, why not start by discussing these unique ideas for ashes. 

1. Memorial spaceflights

Whether you’ve longed to travel in space or explore the wonders beyond this world, with this service you or your loved ones can reach the stars. With Celestic, you can choose between 4 different space travel packages and fulfill one of your dreams.

Explore memorial spaceflights with Celestis (USA)

memorial spaceflights

2. Float away

The idea of letting go, setting free, or releasing life is a very common theme for memorials. Balloon releases (even with biodegradable balloons) aren’t environment or wildlife-friendly. With the Ice Urn, you can encapsulate the remains in an ice structure and release it on the water. As the ice melts, the ashes will slowly disperse in the water. This option is both a beautiful and environmentally friendly option for your loved one’s cremated remains.

Explore the Ice Urn (USA, Canada)

floating ice urn

3. Firework displays

There is something magical about watching a fireworks display. These displays are common around the world in the celebration of an event. Why not celebrate life by having some cremated remains incorporated into the firework shell so you can watch your loved one light up the sky?

Explore ashes fireworks displays (UK)

fireworks with ashes

4. Get a tattoo

Memorial tattoos are a popular way to honor a lost loved one or pet. With so many designs to choose from or custom designs, this can become a very meaningful and healing part of grief. Consider taking your tribute further and have some cremated remains mixed with the tattoo ink. It is always recommended that you discuss options with your tattoo artist and find an artist that has some experience working with cremation tattoos.

Explore Cremation Ink tattooing ink (Worldwide)

tattoos with ashes

5. Travel

Some places are special and some places we may never get to go to. Scattering ashes gives you the opportunity to travel to places with your loved one while acknowledging special memories and including them in the present on new adventures.

Learn about the Scattering CJ project and his worldwide adventure (Worldwide)

traveling with ashes

6. Cremation (and/or hair) keepsakes

Encapsulate your loved one’s cremated remains (and/or hair) in a custom memorial keepsake. Strong visuals of the remains will give you an elegant keepsake to be treasured for years to come. Designs range from necklaces to pocket stones with the option to have a custom design created.

Explore custom memorial jewelry and keepsakes (USA, Canada, UK)

cremation necklaces

7. Turn into a record

Sound is a beautiful part of life. Have your loved one’s cremated remains embedded into a vinyl record with the sound of their voice or favorite song. Listen to the cracks and pops your loved one’s remains to help you embrace their sound once again.

Explore AndVinyly for custom cremains records (UK)

vinyl records with ashes

8. Diamonds

Have your loved one shine bright in a diamond that you’ll treasure forever using a sample of your loved one’s cremains. Create a completely custom-designed diamond that is just right for you and captures the personality of your beloved.

Explore diamonds made from ashes (Worldwide)

diamonds with ashes

9. Artwork that preserves ashes

Have a small portion of your beloved’s cremated remains added into a custom etched print. Send the photo that you would like as an etching along with a small portion of ashes and within a week you will have a timeless piece of art.

Explore custom etching embedded with ashes (USA)

artwork with ashes

10. Glass suncatcher

Let your loved one’s light shine in a suncatcher that preserves their ashes. Hang your custom piece in a window that catches the morning sun and smile knowing that they are right there with you embracing the beginning of a new day.

Explore cremation sun catchers (USA & Canada)

suncatcher with ashes

11. Become a reef

An alternative to a burial at sea is becoming a living legacy for many generations to come through a reef. This is a beautiful and meaningful way to honor your beloved and help marine mammals with this permanent addition to their environment. Be as hands-on or hands-off from the experience as you would like to be.

Explore eternal reefs (USA)

coral reefs with ashes

12. Huggable urns

Traditional urns aren’t very huggable and often quite cold, which doesn’t help when you are grieving the loss of your pet. Place a sealed plastic pouch of their ashes inside a pillowcase that resembles their fur. Hold your pet again in a way that is warm and comforting.

Explore huggable urns (worldwide)

huggable urns

13. Become a plant

Giving life to a different life form is possible with cremated remains. Unfortunately, many people are not aware that cremated remains are toxic to plants and with exposure to moisture in the ground, the ashes will harden and turn to concrete. provides you with a soil mixture that helps balance the PH levels making it safe to plant any flower or tree you like with the cremated remains.

Explore Let Your Love Grow planting soil (USA, UK, New Zealand)

planting with ashes

14. Turn to stone

Carry your loved one in your pocket, display them in your home, or share a piece of them with those closest to you. This method of solidifying their remains creates approximately 25 stones with each one being individual and unique in their own way.

Explore Parting Stone (USA)

stones made with ashes

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