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33 Afterlife Signs from your Pet

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Do people keep telling you “everything will be okay,” “you did all you could,” or “they loved you so much and you should always remember that?” And all you want is a sign from your pet, letting you know that they are near and that they are okay. Maybe you keep thinking “how I am going to move forward and live with this loss?” Express your feelings and pain. Know that even though it is hard right now, you are not alone. It is possible to live and move forward from the loss. Not move on. Acknowledge the loss and the love. Treasure the experience and moments you had with them. And remember to look around and you are sure to see signs that they are near.

You are strong. This time of grief is an opportunity for you to look at the world differently. There is a new appreciation for life and this beautiful place that your pet was so happy to be apart of. Try to look at this world the way they did. Look around and you will see signs that they are near, visiting you from the afterlife.


  • You may hear your pet’s collar jingle as it used to when they were walking around or shaking themselves.
  • Wonder what that thudding sound was? Your pet is wagging their tail.
  • Clip clip clip, that’s the sound of their nails as they walk around.
  • Do you hear their barks, cries, or whimpering?
  • Did a song come on the radio that reminded you of them? Or maybe you randomly get the song stuck in your head.


  • Have you ever felt them brush up against your leg?
  • A sudden change in temperature around you can be a sign that they are near.
  • How about that spot they always curled up in? You may find a warm spot.
  • When a happy memory just pops into your head out of the blue, they are there to remind you of joy.
  • Have you ever interacted with a pet that felt exactly like your pet? Physical impressions are a truly wonderful experience.

In the sky

  • Look at the clouds. The clouds may make an image or a line formation that reminds you of your pet – that’s them.
  • See that beautiful rainbow? That’s them saying hello and that they are okay on the other side.


  • Have you ever had a dream where your pet comes to visit? Check out to learn more about grief dreams and listen to my episode on the Grief Dream Podcast.


  • Birds are a sign of freedom – common birds to start seeing after a passing are: Blue Jays, Red Robins, Cardinals, and Gold Finches.
  • Ever notice those beautiful dragonflies or butterflies? These are a sign from your pet asking you to embrace change.
  • Ladybugs may start appearing as a reminder to live your life to the fullest.
  • Any other animal that started appearing after the passing that you never seen before could be a sign from your beloved.
  • Keep an eye on the behaviour of your other pets. You may notice them focused on something you can’t see. Even playing with what looks like something else but they are by themselves.


  • Ever look at the clock and see a repeat of numbers? 11:11 being the most common – these numbers are the spirits telling you that you are on the right path.
  • Other number formats can represent special dates, anniversary, etc. For example, if your pet passed away on October 20th, you may see 10.20 on a clock.
  • Maybe you’ve noticed a license plate before that insistently reminded you of your pet.


  • Did you by chance see movement out of the corner of your eyes?
  • Maybe the same picture keeps falling? That’s them letting you know they are around.


  • Have you ever experienced a joyful scent out of the blue?
  • Maybe you still smell them even when none of there belongings are around.

Other signs

  • You may experience flowers budding, especially out of season. They are letting you know that they are okay and experiencing life in a different form.
  • Don’t forget that your pet’s spirit is filled with energy so it’s not uncommon that you may experience electrical manipulations after their passing.
  • You may find a feather after their passing. This is the Angel feather letting you know they are safe and at peace.
  • Have you ever found a coin with a special year on it? Maybe it was a birth, date, or anniversary.
  • Maybe you spotted their name somewhere unexpected.
  • Anytime you see heart shapes in, on, or around something, that’s love sent from your beloved pet.
  • Phone calls from unknown numbers on a static line could be your pet trying to connect with you.
  • You may even find sweet reminders of them and their love through strands of fur, whiskers, nails, or even baby teeth.

How can we be sure that these signs are our pets connecting with us from the afterlife? Believe it, and you will feel it. Be aware of your surroundings and keep your heart open.

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  1. Kamira

    I remember when my cat passed away I would feel light air on my neck or weight at my feet (like she used to lay on my feet in bed) or see the numbers 11:11 on my clocks often. This is very interesting and validates my personal feelings, our pets live on in the afterlife.

  2. Patricia S

    Good morning, The day my dog passed was 05/07/2020 we had to put her down at the vets, later on in the late afternoon I was talking to the person who gave her to me 16 years ago she’s a friend of mine an I told her what had happened earlier in the day as I was informing her the water bowl dispenser started bubbling for a while like as if my dog was there drinking from it but there wasn’t a dog there?. Now a week has passed then last Thursday 05/14/2020 the water bowl again was bubbling like as if a dog was drinking from it? Forgot to mention I do have another small dog too thats why I have a water bowl in the kitchen but he wasnt there drinking from it? When I received my dog of 16 years she was a puppy, I didn’t pick her she picked me, she camed to me started to lick my fingers, wagged her tail and played. from there on she always wanted to know where I was, she loved me an adore me, she always was watching me with here loving eyes where every I go in the home she’d be there a few feet away, she slept with my for 16 years (7/3/2004 to 7/2020). In the evening when it was time for bed she’d be so happy that I was getting ready for bedtime she would go under the covers an cuddle right next to me stomach cuz I sleep on my side. She was a very close dog to me…. Cant believe she’s not here anylonger I sure will miss her dearly, its like someone just stole her from me, I will be getting her ashes an a plaque with her paw print on it in a few days hopefully this will comfort me…

  3. Lorelei Schnabler

    I hope those signs are comforting to you. My darling little Charlie died a year ago last month. When I’m coming home from work, I still go on automatic pilot and think I will see her at the door.

  4. Deanna

    Aug 7 of last yr my Jasper passed away unexpectedly it’s still so painful and others don’t understand why I still feel this way ?

  5. Hilda

    I just lost my baby Mia on 7/15/2020. It was the hardest and most painful thing. She was about to turn 10 years old and she had been with me since she was 2 months. The day I picked up her ashes from the vet I found a bird in my backyard that couldn’t fly. I took the bird and tried to feed it and gave water. It seem like it was going to be ok, I try to put it outside a few times to see if it wanted to to fly but it didn’t, it just moved from one place to the other in my backyard. The next day I put it on my lap because it seem startled. It felt like the bird was very calm and just laying on my lap, I could tell it was still breathing and alive but after about an hour I realized it had passed ?

    I know it was a sign from my beautiful Mia. I miss and love her dearly. May her beautiful soul be in a wonderful place being the happy puppy she always was ❤️

  6. Mark

    My mind is blown away, because when I got down to the part about if your pet passed on Oct. 20th you look at the clock and it’s 10:20.. well as soon as I read that, I look up at the time and it was 1 minute away from 8:10.. which was yesterday, August 10.. and my dog just passed away yesterday ?

  7. Mary Tinsley

    Just lost my beautiful Golden Retriever today…8/22/20…we feel lost…..came home from the vet…..and found a little gray and white feather beneath our coffee table next to a little fluff of Toby’s fur….

  8. Jannie

    I lost my beloved cat Muning five weeks ago. Days after her passing, I saw a brown lady bug in the kitchen, the color and spots of the lady bug reminded me of my cat’s tummy, brown with some faint grey spots, She loved when I pet/stroke her tummy, she’s like a dog. A couple of times we saw dragon flies, first time my husband saw it in the balcony. Today, we have it inside our apartment, I was able to catch it, took some photos and when I was trying to free it outside it didn’t fly right away, it stayed on my thumb. It stayed long enough for my husband to get my phone so I can take some more photos before it finally flew. We never saw lady bugs nor dragonflies in our apartment before since our apartment is on 5th floor and we live in New York City. The other day when I was working from home, I was having this team meeting with my boss and she was showing me a file from her screen, the filename of the file she was showing me begins with 1111, I was watching her screen and then she executed a command on that file, after the command finished processing, the timestamp shows11:11am, I was blown away with coincidence! I really love to see signs from my fur baby, I love and miss her so much. I really want to know if she is OK.

  9. Emma Fox

    My beloved horse Mouse passed over last Saturday, I’m heartbroken to say the least he was 30 years old we’d been a partnership for so long. Since he passed I have found 2 feathers, had a very confident Robin appear in the garden starring at me & not moving even though I got closer & yesterday a Ladybug appeared on my passenger car seat next to me, windows closed. Yesterday my youngest dog started acting like my dog that passed in 2018, hitting me with her paw to get my attention & she has never acted this way in 7 years although Reo did this everyday, I’m wondering if Reo came to see me because of how upset I am about Mouse? I felt Reo when he passed a few days after he jumped on the bed and lay next to me until I fell asleep as I was so upset from him going. I hope these are from my furry friends.

  10. Dianne

    I lost my beautiful boy last Tuesday 09/22/2020. The pain is like no other. I also have had the feelings like someone came down and took him from me. I do not know how to move forward without him. It does not feel right. He was my baby. The grief is overwhelming, it’s like losing an arm. Part of my heart is missing.

    I don’t know how to go on without him.

  11. Mindy

    Dianne, I lost my sweet boy on 9/23/20. I feel your pain. I feel the same way. I’m having a harder time moving on, this time. Its so heart breaking. ?

  12. Debra Murphy

    I lost my sweet little girl, my Miniature Pinscher that I had for 16 1/2 years on No. 6, 2020. I got her when she was 9 weeks. We did so much together. A year after I got her I lost my other Dog. So it was her and me….we went to parks, dog walks, fundraisers, pet stores, and traveled.
    We celebrated her birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas morning she would open her presents under the tree. I played a music box for her. I love and miss her so much! I have her toys here. Her water dish is on the floor. Every night she would get her bedtime snack….a mini treat. She cuddled with me. It hurts SO much. My heart is broken. I just wish I could find out if she knew how much I love her!

  13. Monica M

    My little one crossed over a few days ago and my body yearns and pains so much to have him here with me! I am finding it so hard, so painful, it also feels a part of me is missing. He was my everything, my shadow, he gave me so much and not having him here is more painful than words can describe! I sometimes smell him and it brings me comfort and I want to feel him more and get more signs from him, I know he will always be with me. It’s just so hard not to see or physical have him by me ?

  14. morene

    my lab who was 14 yrs old passed away 1-27-21 at home. I fell asleep after being by his side off and on all night trying to comfort him. my heart is so broken. I was not by his side when he passed. I loved him so much! I cant quit crying. I brought his ashes home today. I hugged his little box of ashes and cryed my eyes out. I’m so sad.

  15. Susan

    I lost my HENLEY 12/09/2020, I too am so lost and heartbroken.. I had him for 14 yrs. and he was my everything and my constant. I don’t think that I will ever get past the pain. I find my self looking for him
    Every min and crying constantly. How do I find him. Please help.

  16. Claudia

    I lost my beautiful cat Tigger on 16/12/20 and I was beyond devastated. I still am! It’s almost been two months and I don’t feel any better. I haven’t yet had any signs of him being here, though it would be wonderful to know that he is. His ashes are in a gorgeous wooden box on the mantlepiece in the living room. I feel like I make progress with my healing but whenever I’m alone in the house it all just comes crashing down again. Every time I’m alone in this house I feel so upset and most of the time I just cry and cry and cry, I want to feel better but it’s so hard ! I miss him so much. It did get to a point where I missed him so much I felt that the only way I’d feel better was to join him. I still feel that now and again but I know he wouldn’t want that. I just wish he was back here. :(
    He passed away in my arms ❤️

  17. Monica

    Oh @Claudia I feel your pain!! And identify with so much of it!! Grief is so painful and torturous, I am feeling it all myself!
    I know everything feels unbearable at the moment, though deep down, I know things will eventually get better, but unfortunately we have to let time heal and sooth us. I keep trying to by kind and gentle to my self. Try to find things that sooth you, it’s different for everyone and grief unfortunately isn’t Linea. Some days I may feel a bit calmer and other days it feels I am back at the beginning. All our beauties ever want is for us to be happy and soothed, once we find moments of lightness in our grief, we start finding signs, there are more signs than we realise, not just what is mentioned here, I know they are beside us and wanting only the best ❤️

  18. Claudia

    @Monica, thank you for your kind words. It’s kind of comforting in a way to know that I am not the only one who feels this way! Yet I wish you happiness and healing at the same time. I feel exactly the same, some days I feel good and some days I feel right back at the beginning again! But you are definitely right, it will get better in time❤️ I will welcome any signs of him. Thank you for your advice as well, I will try my best! We are in this together :)

  19. Monica

    @claudia much love ❤️ I know words are easier said than done. Wishing much healing and signs from our beloved babies ?


    I lost my beloved American Cocker Spaniel Aubrey on the 4th March 2021. It has only been a couple of days since he left me. He had a bad heart and was battling an infection. At almost 14yrs, after two months of progress I thought he was winning the fight. Although weak, and being hand fed I still had hope. Till he died while I was trying to feed him, he just went limp, head rolling to the side, eyes wide. I fought to revive him and failed…he was gone. My heart is broken…we were like ET and Elliott, so in tune and empathic. Now there is just his absence…I feel his loss. I have been waiting to feel a sense of him around me. There is nothing…Just his ashes and a paw print. I find myself holding his blanket and PJ’s…anything to feel closer to him. People say get another dog, and that would feel like a betrayal of my baby. I would give anything just to hold him in my arms. Logically I know grief is something we go through…emotionally I am hurting in a way that even a relatives passing has not evoked. I thought I heard his paws on the kitchen floor the night he died, like he would do when looking for me…Since then there has been nothing. It has brought me comfort to read I am not alone in my grief…I was so lucky to have such a gentle soul in my life.

  21. DAI

    I lost my four-legged soulmate Moo Moo two weeks ago. The grief is unbearable. He was the most handsome, smartest, most interactive cat. He was always glued to me, so I feel his absence every minute.I think of him constantly. I still cry multiple times daily. He left such a void in the house; it will never be the same. He has come to me in dreams and also sent us very obvious signs, with his name “Moo Moo” actually popping up twice. He sends us rainbows and other signs. I am grateful for them, but I still miss him and feel like I will never get over this loss. I look at photos and videos hoping they will make me feel better, but they just remind me of how much I miss him and hw the joy is gone from the house. I am just praying that his spirit is still her, that our love will connect us forever across time and dimensions, and that I will see him again one day.

  22. DAI

    Rachele, I read your post and feel for you.Yes, logically we all know that no one lives forever, but that does not matter. And I agree that the loss of our beloved companions is, in some ways, much more painful than the loss of a relative. I think it’s because our animals are always with us, offering unconditional love. The relationship with them is so easy and pure.

  23. Barbara

    My sweet Maggie lost her battle to cancer, ckd and ibd March 11, 2021. We were very close. I didn’t think I could survive without her but I am here. I was so desperate to see her she finally came to me about 3 days after she passed away in my dream. Some nights I forget she’s not here and call for her half asleep ;((( and I had 2 or 3 light bulbs go bad in a week. I miss her so much.

  24. Nichole Rosser

    Our baby Gigi died tragically on 3/24/2021. I’m trying to move forward but I took her to a friends while we moved and promised her I would be back. She was so mad at me. She got hit by a car the next morning trying to get home. I am drowning in what if’s. She was only 7. Praying her soul finds me again so I can hold her

  25. TONY D

    My baby boy Charlie was only 8 weeks old when I brought him home. Next week would’ve been his 10th birthday. Yesterday we took him to the vet to be laid to rest because of liver failure. My heart is shattered. Unrepairable. I feel empty inside. My house seems so empty and lifeless. My wife & I have been crying all day. Yesterday after we got home I was in the kitchen getting a glass of water and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw Charlie sitting in his favorite spot. Today just a few minutes as I was sitting by my computer I received a whiff of his sent. My ole stinky dog. Last night I slept on his bed and sobbed like a little kid. His bed still smells like him. He was not only our pet but he was my service dog. Our bond was unbreakable. I truly hope he is still with me. I feel as if part of my soul died along with him. It all seems like a terrible nightmare. I wish we could upload pics on this site. I love you Charlie Brown. Daddy misses you so much.

  26. Sarah

    My sweet boy, Maverick, was put to rest two day ago on 3/29. He just turned 14 in February and he was thriving until a fast moving cancer in his spleen gave us no choice but to put him down peacefully. Our hearts are shattered. I find comfort in reading all your grief experiences, but my gosh is the grief and longing to have him back in my arms overwhelming. I have anxiety walking through the house because I know I won’t see him in all his favorite spots. I weep in his bed and hold his toys and blankets tight only wishing it was him I was hugging and burying my face into his fur. So far, he’s appeared in my dreams and my husband’s dreams once, and we had birds all fly up to our kitchen windows, which has never happened before. I would give anything to hug and kiss him again. A part of me died with him Monday and all I want is to wake up again and see him lying next to our bed. I hope the signs he gives to us never end. We miss you so much Maverick. Our world will never be the same without your sweet, gentle soul following us around everyday. We love you dearly and you will always be on our minds. Until we meet again sweet boy <3


    It has been so good to read these comments…our Pinky passed on Saturday and although she was losing a fight with cancer and kidney failure, she died from choking, and we are so upset over that. We would give anything to be with her for one more day. The best advice i could give anyone is to be PRESENT with your pets every day. There were so many wasted days where my husband and i were wrapped up in things that didnt matter..days where we should have just loved on our sweet girl while we had the chance.

  28. douglas

    I lost my beloved little girl from a heart attack in a sunshine saturday morning(2/23/2021). I went to the vet with her and she(the vet) told me to take her to the hospital with urgency. She was walking, I help her to get into the car and go to drive to the hospital. When we were on the way, she was barking to the sun as she did every time, I looked back and, this day, she was not barking to outside, to the other people or something like this, she was barking to the sun. I think that she knew what will happens 3 or 4 minutes later. She fell on the bench as she sometimes did, and I continued to talk with her. I had to reduce the velocity abruptly to avoid hitting a car that enter in front of me and she fall between the seats. I thought she was stuck between the seats and couldn’t get out. I stopped at the shoulder and went to help her. My little girl had gone. Since then it seems that things are no longer the same. She was my light, I miss her so much. It hurts so much, not being able to hug her at night, to call her to sleep, prepair her food, she is not waiting for me when I come home. I share your pain. One day, I believe, that God will allow that we met them again.

  29. Vivian

    My cat Silky passed away June 2019. I have her picture on top of the entertainment unit where she used to like to sit, along with two of her favourite toys. I talk to her and tell her how much I love and miss her and tell her she can play with them and bat them on the floor. I am still waiting

  30. Isaac La Caze

    My Tusk man passed a couple days ago. He was 14 years old. Golden Retriever, dumb as could be, but he was the best. I’m 16, we got him and his sister when my 14 year old sister was born. I have two sisters, and they have known those two since they were babies. I did see a Blue Jay after putting rocks on his grave the day he passed. I have yet to see two other signs to confirm it’s him. I believe that was one sin though.

  31. Betty

    We lost our little girl on 5-30-21. She was almost 17 and we have had her since she was 8 weeks old. She passed as I was holding her close to me. She looked at me and just sighed. She was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer only 8 days before. Koko only weighed 4 pounds and lost weight in those 8 days. I have been having a hard time dealing and accepting her passing. I cry constantly and have even tried to “bargain” with God to get her back. I can see her everywhere. I am hoping that she will be there for me someday. It has been said that your pets will be waiting to run to you in Heaven. I am hoping that is true. I am sure she’s there and rolling in the grass for the pure joy of it. This pain I am having is almost unbearable. My heart will ache until I am with her again.

  32. Rosie Finkel

    My Eddie passed away on May 30th…my beloved kitty, best friend, buddy and love. I am devastated…he was 100% mine. He never sat on anyone else’s lap, never rubbed against anyone else and was by my side always. He slept with me for almost 18 years until he fell ill on May 7th. He never fully recovered. I am broken. I have always had kitties and loved them all, but Ed was different, a little spirit I have known before. Five days later his older sister, Fannie (age 20) died in her sleep. Losing two kitties in 5 day is almost unbearable. Saturday…as I was sitting and staring out the window, a white butterfly drifted by…I walked outside and there was a feather…not another one anywhere…my “kids” are fine. They are only out of sight. If I didn’t believe this with all that I am…I could not bear this double loss.The oldest of my three kitties, Bella, is still with me, and she comforts me. She is over 20 and I know her time is limited…she is very frail. I also know she will be fine when she joins her friends. <3

  33. Kelly

    Hi there I just lost my cat Charlotte on Tuesday evening. I adopted her in February 2017 when she about 3 years old. So I only had her a little over 4 years. She was diagnosed with IBD in January and was on a steroid. She had good days and bad days where the issues would flare up but mostly she was doing much better. Then out of the blue on Sunday and Monday her appetite was basically gone and she was just laying in front of the litter box. I noticed her breathing was heavy too, kind of like she was panting. So I took her to the ER and they told me her red blood cell count was so low that if they didn’t do blood transfusions she would die soon. They also wanted to do a series of other tests and said based on her blood work and breathing, etc they don’t think the outcome would be good. My poor baby has suffered enough and has been poked and prodded many times since January. Plus it was getting to the point where I couldn’t afford it anymore. The blood transfusions alone would be $3500. I didn’t want to put a price tag on her life and believe me I’m really struggling with my decision. I keep wondering what if I went thru with the transfusions and the tests, maybe I wouldn’t have had to put her to rest. It’s killing me. The pain is unbearable. I’m so sad and missing her like crazy. I can’t stop crying. I live alone and the house is so quiet and empty. I hope she can forgive me for the decision I made. Hardest decision of my life. I had very little time to prepare for this and I’m still in shock. I’d give anything to bring her back. I feel so badly for all she went through at a young age. It doesn’t feel fair. She was the most loving and gentle kitty. She was first pet. I keep begging God to send me a sign from her. This is the worst pain I ever felt and again, no time to prepare so I’m questioning everything. I’m worried that I’ll never get over this. She was the best and brought so much joy. I’m beyond heart broken and devastated. Holding her in my arms while the doctor put her to sleep will forever be in my memory. I hope time lessens the pain and guilt. Never did I know the impact an animal could have on my life. Rest easy baby girl and I hope you’re playing on the Rainbow Bridge. I’ll never forget you!!

  34. Karen

    I feel everyone’s grief. I”m still hurting from my wonderful lab. pitbull. Her name is Girly, she was smart, over protective, especially w/my nephew’s, she also do tricks, like when I would take her for a walk, she would roll over, she’ll do it couple times while walking. I told her u belong in a circus. I had to put her down, she needed surgery. Cause of her age n what she had, it wasn’t a guarantee she’ll make it. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. It bothers me all the time, n I just break down n cry. Some days I’m fine and not. I was w/her when she was put down. It was July 21, 2021 at about 2:45. I stayed w/ her hoping she’ll come back. I wanted to share this. I slept outside,(patio) where my Girly sleeps, I was always next to her, she needed 24/7 watch. She couldn’t walk, but she’ll try to drag herself to do her thing. I always carried her out. Well anyways, that evening I heard her drinking water. I told my nephew, I think I’m losing my mind. I told my sister the same thing, n she thought I had Girly’s brother w/me. I said no. Girly gulps her water, loud. Another time I heard her chewing rocks, of course, I scold her. That’s what killed her. I miss her n I’m not crazy. I still mourn over her. Right now I’m trying to b strong for her brother (Theo). I think he knows she’s gone, He wasn’t himself the first few days. He does things he don’t do, but his sister does. I even ask God to take me instead of my Girly. Thanks for letting me vent all my feelings out.

  35. Andrea

    I lost my Molly on August 1st, after driving from the cottage to the nearest hospital which was almost 2hrs away. She passed away just before we got there. They tried CPR but she would not come back. I now sit and wait, crying, until I can pick up her ashes and bring her back home. I have never experienced such heartache and I hope all of you find comfort in your loved ones memories.

  36. srrenaissance

    Andrea, when we lost our Sprocket in 2017, my children and I all felt as if we had been hit by a semi truck. We loved him that much. Your pain will lessen.

    We adopted another dog that was the same breed mix as Sprocket right away. For us, the joy of the new dog helped blunt the pain of our loss. We believe that sprocket understands our decision.

  37. Diane

    I lost one of my fur babies yesterday..I walked back from the vets on one of the paths I frequently used. I found a plastic heart and today I saw literally 20 dragonflies and felt it was a message that my departed pet was happy

  38. Silvana

    We lost my beloved Moose on Sunday, September 5, 2021. We miss him so dearly. He was 11 years old (shy of one month). He was so energetic, full of life, allowed to be petted and would let you know when he’s had enough. Most of all, just very talkative and affectionate towards my mother and husband. He was like my mother’s little shadow. Suddenly he passed on at the ER vet with cardiac arrest. Just so strange! He was his normal self that same morning. My mother felt his purr next to her face on the same day he passed, and he also visited her in her dream. In her dream, he jumped into her arms, mine ,and a little girl (which is believed to be my younger female cat). I wish i could see him in my dreams. But on the same day he passed, i was out walking my dog when i looked up at my mom’s bedroom window- i believe i saw his reflection on the window- only the blinds were down. He was just looking down at the pool and grass. Perhaps i was imaging it? I just miss him dearly, since i picked him up from under a FedEx truck in 20 degree weather. He was my little baby and my first child. I know it will take time to move on, but for now it just really hurts. Most of all, it pains me to see my mother be so sad. He loved watching her eat and follow her everywhere. I look forward to bringing him home soon.

  39. brock a davisson

    I lost my baby girl Gizmo (she was a cat) on 9/9/2021 due to pancreatitis, diabetic etc.. She became a diabetic 2 1/2 years ago and I’ve been giving her insulin twice a day since. She just turned 16 yrs old last week and then died a week later. I cry every day, several times a day and it hurts. It helps to get out of my apartment but i can’t do that all the time. The constant reminders of her being in here hurts so much. She was by me for 16 yrs. She had several spots to sleep. My bed, on her table by window and floor by table on her rug etc.. I keep looking at those all the time hoping she is there again. I haven’t ate much in the past few days. Don’t feel like doing anything. I keep thinking of maybe adopting a new baby but i feel so guilty over that. It would never replace gizmo, but I miss something being here with me. It’ll have it’s own character and personality and never be anything the same as gizmo but i think it may help me to love it and it love me and form another special bond? If i could get gizmo back then that is all I’d really want but I know that isn’t possible. I went to sleep last night and i thought i felt her feet at bottom of my bed and also thought I heard her water bowl move in kitchen as she used to love playing with her water and moving bowl. I wish she knew I loved her so much and tried everything. I wish she’d come visit me all the time. I’m waiting for her.

  40. Jessica Wong

    Tuesday morning 9/14/2021 she jumped into my bed and asked for caresses. She passed ta home on Friday night 9/17/2021. Many people have said that losing a pet can be harder than losing a family member, especially if the bonds are so strong. Going through the grief alone is hard, I feel like part of me has disappeared, and I have no reason to go home. My home is quiet, and I can’t hear the collar bell around the apartment anymore, the barking that she tried to protect me from whoever open the downstairs door is gone.

    Princess Lily’s been everything to me for the past ten years + , she’s seen my ups and downs, and she’s always loved me unconditionally. It’s a loss I’ve never felt in my life, and I don’t know how to deal with it yet. What is going to happen? Everywhere I looked, I still see memories of her wanting to eat, following me, playing her toy, etc. I feel that this change me in a way that I could not see the end where I am completely lost.

  41. KR

    We put our cat to sleep on 8.18.21 after she showed symptoms of respiratory distress – she ended up being diagnosed with spleen cancer and internal bleeding. She was a street cat/stray so we don’t know for certain how old she was (but we’re guessing around 14 or 15). I’ve always disliked cats, but this cat was determined to make her mark and I’m still finding myself looking for her throughout the day. I really miss her.

  42. Aine Walsh

    My beautiful Great Dane, Meka passed away this morning some time between 3:00 and 4:00. She was in end stage renal failure and her final two days were incredibly painful to watch. She couldn’t stand, walk, eat or even drink. I tell myself she’s no longer in pain, but it doesn’t lessen the heartache. I miss her so very much. She was 10 years old and I got her for my 30th birthday. I spent a 1/4 of my life with her. I don’t know how to move on without her. I keeping praying and begging for a sign that she is okay. Every night she would bark softly in my face to wake me up to cover her with the blanket. I miss that so much. If anyone has any advice to get through this terrible pain, please let me know.

  43. Sarah Dickerson

    Hi Aine, I’m so sorry for your loss. I had to say goodbye to my 14 yr old dog in March this year. He was with me his entire life, too. I can tell you that the first couple of weeks are the most painful because the only thing that could make you feel better is to have her back. My advice for you is when the tears come up, just let them out. I hugged my dog’s blanket and toys for awhile, which does bring some comfort. However, I know the hardest part is we just want them back. I ordered a couple books about signs from our pets in the afterlife, and pets in heaven if that helps you. They did bring some comfort. When I was able to leave the house again (it took about a week before I could control my tears until I got home), I went to the park and read one of those books. I imagined my dog with me laying in the sunshine as I read. Also, as we find a peaceful state of mind again, and I promise you will, that is when you’ll start to feel and see more signs from your Meka. What I can tell you is part of your heart will always feel like it left you because it did. It’s been almost 6 months since my dog passed and I wish I could just hold him and kiss him again. But just know, that when it’s your time to move on from this earth, your Meka will be waiting right there to greet you and never leave your side again. I also put photos of my dog everywhere – where his bed was, right across from my bed so I see him the moment I wake up. I hope these words bring you a little comfort. I know nothing can soothe your pain right now, but just know you are not alone. Even though you can’t see her anymore, she’s still right by your side in spirit always watching over you. I wish you all the peace, comfort and love during this very hard time, Aine. And, remember take all the time you need to heal, and try to do little things that can help make you feel more comfortable at home. Take your time <333

  44. Lynda Warren

    just had to put our beautiful 11 yr old Molly to sleep yesterday, was my first morning coming home, without her jumping on me, asking for pets, kisses, and treats, my heart is shattered into peices right now, this pain is unbearable

  45. Amber F

    We lost our 16 yo dearest sweetest Georgia, our little rescue dog. She rescued us. She was the glue of our family. She died a little over a week ago. I was not able to be there when my wife put her down, sadly she took a turn for the worst very fast and we brought a vet to the house to humanely put her to sleep. She was ready. She let us know. Last night when i went to bed, I lifted the covers and asked her to come under and sleep with me, like we did every night when she was alive. I cried myself to sleep. At 3 am I awoke to the feeling of her little paws on my feet–signalizing she needed to get down and get water (like she used to do near the end). Being a paranormal skeptic, I lied there wide awake to verify if what I was imagining was merely a memory–but she did it 2 more times when I was wide awake. I am sitting here writing this still thinking–was I imagining that? The scientist in me tries to rationalize how this could have happened–but I do believe she was there and she came back to tell me she was okay. At least that is what I am choosing to believe. I hope that others also get these messages from our loved ones. Thanks for having this forum for us to express our pain, grief, sadness, relief, and hopes.

  46. Michelle Thomas

    I lost my best friend MaryJane 10/22/21. My husband fears that with all the grief I’m experiencing I am going to end up having a heart attack. I honestly don’t remember a time that I have hurt so had . Being an empty nester when she came into my life 8 years ago she became my child, my baby. I have a small business so she was always with me. If I went somewhere she went, if she couldn’t go my daughter kept her. MaryJane Hayes to stay by herself. Right now that’s one of the hardest thing for me, my baby is without me, she’s scared, hurts my heart so bad. I spoiled my baby in many ways. One being she knew whenever we went into a store she would get a stuffed animal. If she happened to not go you can bet that as soon as I picked her up from my daughter and she got into the car she would dig in the bags and find a stuffed animal. Every si often I would bag some to put in the shed and some for my daughter to take to her doggies. The night she passed unexpectedly I had given a huge bag to my daughter that u had a few days prior gotten together, but there are a few she has to become favorite and we never touched those to go. Since her passing I have put a few on a memory shelf to keep inside and others I packed away with a few other things I want to keep of hers. A couple days ago I was working at my desk and as I was getting things together take to the post office sometime caught my eye in “her area” of this room. It was her very first stuffed dog that she absolutely loved. I gave looked everywhere even had my daughter looking to see if I accidentally sent it with her.i don’t know where it came from honestly, but I will always believe it was a sign to let me know she is still with me.

  47. Tabithaa

    My cat just passed on November 22nd, at 10:21 in the morning. I’ve been crying nonstop since then, and hoping for a sign from her that she’s passed on safely. I know sometimes it can take spirits a day or two to find the path home, so to speak, so I’ve been patient. This morning I was researching her symptoms, and found out she may have died from congestive heart failure, and by the time her symptoms were like how they were in the end, there was nothing I could do. That even with treatment- painful, expensive, stressful medical treatment- she may have only gotten another 6 months to live. Maybe. The decision to let her go peacefully is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to face, and I’ve been feeling a ton of guilt about it. Like, maybe I could’ve done something, what could I have done differently? But this morning, finding out that in her advanced state, had they correctly diagnosed her, I would’ve been offered the same option I chose, I felt a lot of that guilt release. I finally allowed myself to get up and make a cup of coffee. And as I put the water in the machine, I looked at the time. It was 11:11. I know she has visited me and is validating my suspicions: yes, she was in heart failure, and no, there was nothing I could’ve done about it. That I let her go in a way that was peaceful instead of painful, that my decision was the right one. I’m still incredibly heartbroken, but I don’t feel like a cat killer anymore. Mommy loves you Bubsie, I’ll see you later <3

  48. Beverly

    I buried my petie an hour ago. He died on Thursday night. He was only 6 years old. He was not ill but had started to limp 2 days before. I thought he had sprained leg when jumping from my bed.Pete is a Maltese. The vet said probably a sprain. He was eating and drinking. At mid night I got up to cover him. He was gone. I can not stop crying. My other dogs said good bye with howling. The cat slept by his body. No am 74 and have said good bye to many humans and 3 dogs. It never gets easier.

  49. Karen Molero

    I lost my baby 01/03/22. Yesterday. Beyond devastated. Today is my birthday which is the 4th. I don’t ever want to think about my birthday again. I had him for 16 years not long enough.

  50. Katherine

    I lost my beautiful Maltese girl Kir on 01/03/2022. She was with me for 12 wonderful years. I feel completely lost without her. Nothing makes sense anymore. The pain that I feel is beyond anything that I have ever experienced in my life. I am so afraid that I can not go on without her. She was my everything. I miss her so much. I don’t know how to live without her.

  51. Nicole

    I’m so sorry for all of your losses. Trust me, I get it. I lost my 12 yr. old dog, Tyler, 2 months ago. He was my entire universe. I live alone and he was my utter joy, my purpose, my furry, 4 legged child… my everything. I always used to say that he knew every word I said, he just couldn’t talk back.
    The pain has been unbearable. There have been times I’ve thrown myself onto my wooden floors, screaming, “No! No! No!” At times I’ve cried so hard I can barely catch my breath and was sure I was close to having a heart attack. Times I’ve cried so much with my head on his bed, soaking it with my tears. I still have painful panic attacks because he’s not here.
    Even before reading anything about signs after death, I’ve had many signs that he is near and hears me. The magnolia tree out front appears to have shadowy shapes and faces formed by the street lights casting their light on its leaves at night. I’ve stared at it for years at night with Ty when I couldn’t sleep. I picked out the same shapes and faces that I saw every night for years. A clown, a monkey… A few weeks after Ty’s death, there he was, his face, plain as day, staring back at me. Every detail, including his tongue hanging out on the same side of his mouth as it always did. Also an incredibly bright star above the tree, so bright that I said out loud, “What is that?!” I thought it might be the International Space Station, but not so after researching. I’ve never seen that star before. It wasn’t there before … period. Now I see it every time I can’t sleep. One night, my sweet boy came to me in a dream. He ran fast to me and jumped in my lap. I was overcome with tears and laughter and I said, “Tyler!! Where have you been?!” He opened his little mouth and to my shock, words came out in the voice of a little boy and he said, “I’ve been in heaven, mommy!”
    I’ll love you forever, Tyler. ❤️

  52. Wanda

    My precious, beloved Shiva,passed away on Feb. 15…holding on through Valentine Day. She was the treasure of my life; a true lover and companion for me. I never felt so connected to an animal before. I had a friend communicate with her, and found out she is okay, she had to leave, and she is still with me. My broken heart is a little broken tonight. Never stop loving your pets and expressing that love to them everyday.

  53. Lyndsey Claire Tester

    My baby boy Oscar left me suddenly on 03/02/2022 after losing his fight to lymphoma My heart is beyond broke I feel broken and all I want is to see him and be with him again .I don’t know how to get over the grief he was my therapy Pup after losing my last dog .Now I’m lost and alone and I don’t know how to get over my pain .My heart aches for him I’m broken into pieces left alone in what seems a cold harsh world xx

  54. Matthew

    I lost my dog about almost a month or 2 ago. I hear feel and see multiple signs of him. He lived for 14 years and he was a lab mix. The most amazing thing is last week I woke up in the morning and I had my arm hanging off the side of my bed and I then felt his tongue lick my hand the way he would always lick my hand for years

  55. Margie

    Just laid my 17 yr old Husky Sheppard, Isa, to rest yesterday 4/1/22. Took her in when she was about 1-1 1/2yrs old. She was suffering with arthritis and dementia, eye sight and hearing was diminishing and urine and bowel incontinence. Luckily we have a mobile vet unit and was able to have her euthanized at home without struggling to take her out in a vehicle and then into a vets office where she would be scared. We buried her in the back of the house close to our bedroom window. A short time later I went and looked out the window down at her grave then glanced up and noticed in the middle of the hedges right on the other side was a cardinal. I want so much to believe that was a sign she was free and happy.

  56. Jennifer Lynch

    My beautiful dog Honey just passed away on April 4th Monday. She is 16 years old mixed fox terrier. She has been diagnosed with cancer in 2019. Initially the vet told us that her cancer was spreading and they were unable for perform surgery on her. I was devastated. Then she was put on palladia which has helped her cancer stable. Now, 3 years have passed she cancer was stable. Took her to regular vet checkup on March 22. No big concern. I noticed she was more weak more tired. But last Saturday, April 2, she started having breath problem, very fast breathing. I didnt notice before. I took her too emergency. She was getting worse and worse and finally we had to put her down on April 4th. I stayed with her as much as I can at the hospital. I was not allowed to stay but I begged the hospital. I held her in my arms for hours and played the Japanese song “oh my little girl” to her over and over. That’s her song. Since then, I have been crying my eyes out. She died in my arms, I held her body for another 2 hours after she passed.

    For the past 3 years, I was preparing for her final days. But this came too sudden, I thought she had more time. This morning, i swear I saw her by my bedside, holding onto the edge of my bed, smiling to me. As I was having a hard time getting out of bed, I saw her by my bedside. I tried to pet her head, tried to touch her paws, as if she was real. I still look at the washroom door, thats where she always wait while I go to washroom. I look for her everywhere in my house, by the front door, on the piles of clothes, underneath my office desk, stairs. She was nearly blind and deaf last couple of years due to old age. But she’d still look for me every where. She never followed my husband or my kids, she never wanted to play with any other dogs. She only had me. I was her whole world. Now I have lots of regret and guilt. weeks before her final days, I should have stayed home, just simply hold her and do nothing, for half an hour a time. I should have bought more of her favorite treats, I should have spent less time socializing with fake people fake friends, and stayed home and just simply holding her or laying with her in quiet moments. I know guilt is part of grieving progress. But I really just wish she can come back for just a few more days.

    Honey, thank you so much for being so close to me for the past 16 years. I had her when i was 23 years. I experienced break up with ex boyfriends, fights, getting married, giving birth to 4 children, moving to different places, travelling to different places, losing our other dog….she was with me while I was go through life, she was with me. Is it too late to realize that, she is actually part of my soul, and part of my “life”? She is more than family to me.

    I want to see more signs from her. I want to dream about her tonight. The other day, i did a meditation to talk to her. I saw her. I saw her walking into a forest. Turning back looking at me. I saw her innocent eyes, I saw sadness. As if she was telling me, as much as she looked forward to go to heaven and meet nana (my other dog and her only dog friend), she also doesnt want to leave me alone. She knows how much I need her. I need her more than she needed me. She tried to stay as long as she could to make me happy, to stay with me. Even though she was suffering, she might have been suffering with cancer for the past 3 years but she didnt show obvious signs until the her last 2 days when she wasnt able to breath on her own.

    As I am typing this, I am listening to our song “oh my little girl”. Honey, you will always be my little girl. I will never forget you. I dont know if spirit is real but I hope spirit is real. I hope your spirit is always with me. You are always in my heart. You showed me unconditional love. You gave me strength. Thank you for having done so much to me, but I have done so little in return. I will always love you, honey and nana!

  57. Seth

    I lost my sweet Clyde on the 27th of May 2022 few days after both of our birthdays I’ve had him since we rescued his mother who is no longer with us. Lady was pregnant when we got her from the rescue agency I was either 15 or turning 16 at the time I’m now 31 parents went out of town and puppy delivery duty fell on me. We both chose each other and it was so special being there for his birth his little head got stuck in the bars to the kennel where we had lady I took some crisco out of the cabinet and got his head to poke back through ever since then we were inseparable. We did everything together i knew he was detereating fast but I had hope and he held on for another 7 months when I meet my now fiance and her 2 dogs both girls and so goofy and they loved each other so much I’m glad he was able to live the rest of his days in happiness and knowing he was loved by not just me but alot of my close friends and family members adored him. He told me the night before when I let him go potty I called for him but he never came I looked for 10min in the fenced in yard and found him at the edge of the fence he stuck his head up at me and I just knew something was wrong I picked him up and carried him in I comforted him as much as I could we went to sleep that night we woke up and his breathing was much heavier and more labored that morning I held him and carried him out to pee and brought food and water to him he nibbled at some food and drank plenty of water but he just couldn’t hold on anymore he died in my arms and it devistated me and I’m still so hurt and I know it will never be the same without him we were there for each other from his first breath to his last and it hurts more than I could ever imagine please love your pets cherish them.

  58. Kate Kate

    I lost my heart dog on November 1 and I see 1:11 and 11:11 and immediately knew that was her message to me. I hear her son and see rainbows. I do believe they are trying to tell us that they are still with us and to comfort us. It’s been 5 years and I still miss her every minute of every day and wish I could just hold her and snuggle her one more time.

  59. love

    my spirit dog, trigger passed on 05/08/2021. he was a rescue who rescued me. he was my heart. my heart was his. he knew he was my heart. my heart will yearn for him until i see him again

  60. Kat

    I lost my cat on 10/01/22 and saw a huge rainbow in the sky right after I received the news. I hope she is with God in heaven.

  61. Wendy

    Well, when my old bear rescued dog, Buddy, passed away four years ago, my husband and I were so sad, and out of nowhere, the most beautiful butterfly came and sat right at the spot, where Buddy used to rest and look at the park, when he was ill. The butterfly was big, colorful, healthy and so calm, just like Buddy, it sat there for quite a while and allowed us take pictures until it flew away, I still have the picture, my husband keeps it as screen saver in his computer. I knew it was our Buddy saying thank you and I am free and OK. And now, it was my beloved kitty, my diva cat, Misty Jane, she passed all sudden, this last Halloween 2022, I have cried and cried trying to find relief, and while my daughter and I were talking about how we love and miss this mischievous pretty girl, in front the kitchen window, a Blue jay stopped right in front this window, a really beautiful bird on the roof of the shed, I am pretty sure there are signs, and even thought, I am heartbroken because her departure, if she was trying to tell me she is OK, it will help my healing process, I want to be able to remember them, talk about these unconditional friends always smiling, it’s the least I can do in return of their big love they game me. Misty and Buddy, and all my pets friends, I ever had, are always in my heart, soul and memories, love u forever!

  62. rillie

    well. this is something new for me.. i just lost my baby last night 11/5/22. she was my little HONEY girl. she was my everything, my best friend, my ride or die. im 15 years old and i have already lost my father 6 years ago and she was the only thing that reminded me of him. i had her every since i was 4 years old. she came to us during a storm and every since she has been my best friend. she got me through my depression and my addictions. last night she was in my arms and all of a sudden she starts peeing and pooping everywhere and blood was coming out of her mouth. i was terrified. and all the experiences you guys have i hope she will give me signs as well.. i miss my little honey girl. she will be missed in my house hold..

  63. Richard Kotz

    We just lost our little baby girl 11/19/22.
    She was like our second daughter.
    She was 11 years and two months old.
    Our little Pom ❤️ This is the worst grief
    Ever. We love and miss her so much.
    Its hard to function. Or go to work.
    But I know she is with us. We celebrated her birthday September 24th at a hotel in Pennsylvania. I took a picture of the room number so I won’t forget. We were thier for 3 nites with her. After she passed we my wife and I returned to the same hotel 3 days ago. When we went to the room we started looking at her videos on the phone
    A picture of the room number popped up
    I opened the room door to check our room
    Number ! It’s the same room229. Out of 300 hotel rooms. We asked the front desk did they give us the same room because we were here recently! The woman said no that needs to be upon request. We cried. We are going to make appt to speak to a pet medium pysic we hope it helps. .

  64. Richard Kotz

    Sorry did not mean to leave another message I played a scratch off lottery ticket just now .first scratch off lottery ticket since our Beautiful pom-princess passed away last Saturday .I wish I could take a photo with my phone and put it on the site the scratch off ticket came up 11
    11. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and angels no matter what your belief is I truly believe that they are around us I believe it’s a sign not coincidence We are getting a lot of signs in the past five days! We are absolutely devastated and we still cry after every sign We feel that it’s her.
    I truly believe that when it is our time and there will be a day that we pass. we will be reunited with them something to look forward too.
    I feel for everyone who posted on this site and for those who did not that lost a pet so close to them .it truly is life-changing.
    God bless all our a little fur babies🙏

  65. Sarah Martin

    Our sweet boy, Jasper, passed away November 12/2022. I still cry everyday, I miss him so much. He was an outdoor cat early in his life and always used to bring us mice, birds, and moles. Our family moved a few years ago, and due to health issues we decided to keep him inside. The day we brought his ashes home, my Dad looked outside and there was a mouse at our deck door. This had never happened at our new place. I like to believe it was Jasper telling us he’s okay, he’s free, he isn’t in pain anymore. It still hurts so much, but this brought us some comfort.

  66. Karen Penfold

    I lost my beautiful siamese baby “Tigger ” on Friday September 23,2022. It is now December 5th and I still have a hard time some days especially Fridays with grief. We rushed home 2 hours away to a emergency clinic in barrie Ontario. He was fine in the morning but by afternoon he was in respiratory distress. We got to the hospital at 6:30 and he was gone by 8:30. They said he was in congestive heart failure probably due to a genetic inheritance of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. He was my love, even though I have 4 other cats and three dogs. I couldn’t vacuum if he passed my by cause of wanting to be on my should like a parrot. He had to sleep with his face so close to mine unlike the other cats who would sleep by my feet. My heart is still raw and I empathize with ALL pet parents who lose and grieve for their loved ones. I have had several energy visits with him feeling him close to me and one visual dream visit where he was misty looking. I had a molar pulled last week with 3 stitches and was in pain and freezing in bed and I guess I fell asleep and then I felt him next to me keeping me warm. Two nights later at 5:40 am I felt something wet and cold like a nose touch my cheek and I awoke suddenly and felt a cat jump off my bed. I turned my bedside light on and looked for one of my cats who might have snuck in to my room and there was no sign of a cat. IT WAS TIGGER! I’m sure of it.🐱

  67. Charlie

    I Have had 2 pugs, one is (Mojo) dad and i have had him for 14 years and other is the daughter (Jade) for 12 years. A couple of months go Mojo got really sick and it ended up being diabetes. I always thought Mojo would go first but he was ok. At the same time I noticed a swelling on Jade’s eye so I took her to the vet and we could clearly see this was not good. We found out it was a malignant cancer. Other than what was found she was visibly great and happy. On Dec 5 2022 when I got home from work I noticed Jade was not around to greet me like she always did. I found her trembling but still responsive and eating but something was not right. In less than 24 hours Jade’s health quickly deteriated. I think her kidneys were shutting down and I witnessed my best friends life slip away from me while she took a piece of my heart with her. She died in my arms just after I made arrangements with the vet to have an emergency euthanization as I didnt want her to suffer.
    I am so grateful for the memories she gave me and the abundance of love she brought into my life. I can feel her making my right ear ring since she’s past. I know it’s her. I love you Jade. I will never forget you. If you’re reading this I hope it brings you comfort if your losing or have lost your beloved pet. Here is the link to Jades farewell memorial video i made for her on Youtube. Just copy and paste. Thank you.

  68. kim

    My beloved Peepkitty lost her battle with kidney failure back on March 15 2022. She passed away in my arms at home. She was the cat I always wanted and I was lucky enough to share her life for 15 yrs, my husband brought her home one day when he found her at his job all alone, she fit in the palm of his hand and had no teeth, the vet said she was approx. 3 weeks old. We bottle fed her and raised her up to the beautiful girl she turned into. I have never been so connected with a pet as I was with her, she slept on my pillow, sat in her chair at the table when we ate cause she wanted to see what we had to eat. She loved spaghetti with parmesan cheese, spare ribs, and chicken wings. She acted more like dog than a cat, she was so unique. We are so heart broken and I still cry when talking about her or watching the videos I have of her. Christmas was always so special with her she had her own tree because she totally destroyed ours, it was so amazing watching her open her presents. I never believed in spirits visiting from the after life until a few nights ago when I was sound asleep and was woken up by a chirping noise, I opened my eyes and laid there in bed and wasn’t sure what was going on and I heard it again, she made this chirping noise, she never meowed. So now I’m fully awake and my arm is up on the pillow where she used to lay and all of sudden I felt this sudden warmth, then I heard a thud like she hit the floor and I could hear her nails clicking on the floor. Now I am freaked and bolt out of bed and turn the light on because I have another cat named Rag who was a few months younger than Peep and I’m looking for an explanation to the strange event that just took place thinking it was Rag but I found her in the computer room sound asleep in the computer chair. So I returned to my bed and looked at my pillow to find a depression on it and when I touched it I could feel the warmth like she was laying there. This happened at 3:20am and it shook my beliefs to the core, I just sat and cried, trying to process what had just happened. Since she passed I have always left that space where she slept available for her in hopes she may return, and she did. I guess I am just one of those people who find things like this hard to believe until it happens to you, and when it does, its an incredible gift to receive and such an emotional moment you will never forget. I hope others that a mourning a loved lost pet are lucky enough to receive a visit and hopefully it helps heal your heart.

  69. Karen Penfold

    Hi Kim….I read your post January 9th and I am the cat owner of my beloved deceased Tigger. My boy was not quite 6 years and he was absolutely fine on a Friday morning and then come the afternoon, he was breathing do heavily and would not eat. We rushed him 2 hours away to the huronia emergency veterinary hospital in barrie Ontario only to lose him 2 hours later. I have talked to him while trying to go to sleep at night and he I feel has visited my about 4 times. Kts weird cause I don’t see him but I feel him near. One time I think I was dreaming and I could see lots of flowers and then white butterflies and I felt his energy inside of me, cause my heart was pounding fast and furious inside of me. It was so weird. He left me on September 23 2022 and i keep trying to encourage another visit but haven’t felt him around lately. But to believe is to receive these precious visits and I pray with gratitude.

  70. Sherie Baker

    Yesterday close to this time I lost my precious boy my precious 4 year old kitty to renal disease it was sudden and a blockage caused his kidneys to shut down he was fine in the morning trying to pee but couldnt so I rushed him to our vet to be told they could use a catherter to pump his bladder out but could not assure he would suvive the surgery I made the horrible hard decision to put him to rest at 2.58 in the afternoon as his bladder had pumped up to double its size and he was in so much pain. . he knew he was going to die those last moment before he was put to sleep I took a photo of him and me and the look on his face was he knew he was about to die . this is been the hardest decision to make as a animal owner i stayed with him till he passed it was quick but as he passed i felt a cold woosh past me and I now know thats his spirit i was a mess and arranged for his cremation. i felt nothing from him all night until today, I went back to the vet to get preventative care for my remaining two babies as due to their pedigree are at a disavantage to the same condition. I hadnt taken the cat cage out was still in my car. I bought it inside and not long after my deceased babies mate started acting wierd and playing through the curtain as those two usually do but there was nothing there.
    My dog not long after got up and started staring up at the cat cage and then back down to where he used to sleep he repeated this 3 times my baby died close to 3pm I feel this is Salem trying to consol me because I havent stopped crying since he passed I believe as he was still waiting for cremation his spirit come home with me in that cat cage. I feel comfort with him being here even thought i cant see him or feel him I can see him interacting with his beloved friends he was raised with. I miss him so much and hope and pray he visits me in my dreams.

  71. Jen

    I just lost my sweet Rocky a week ago. About 4 days ago I could swear I saw him out of the corner of my eye rubbing against the chair as he always did. Something made the chair move just enough for the ball of yarn that was on it to fall to the floor. Last night I heard my bedroom door make the same sound as it did when Rocky would lie down in front of it and lean against it. This morning I heard a single bark like the one his brother used to say it is time for you to get up and let us out.

  72. Brett Czarnecki

    Yesterday, my Beloved Boston Terrier (Bruser) at 18 had to cross that beautiful bridge , words can’t even close describe my heart ache and loss of companionship- we had traveled all over the US Together , Hiked many moutains togehter and much much more, today 1/20/2023 day after I had a small lizard walk up and stare at me and two birdies in which were chasing eachother swoop down by me I actually ducked – I believe in my hard these are signs / you will see me again Bruser I poromsie

  73. Freddy Rivera

    My little puppy Bluey passed away last Sunday Jan 29 2023…..I didn’t believe anything was wrong with him two days prior to that he was having some breathing issues but I thought it was something he ate it he was just 16 weeks old a pitbull husky mix super energetic playful with my two-year-old daughter always by my side just wanting our love and he’s gone I don’t know how it happened because I wasn’t there but what I can’t explain is while I was at work that day I started to feel super weak and I almost fainted I had no energy and I dropped to my knees I couldn’t explain what was wrong with me I’m finally I was able to shake it off after an hour of sitting down in the office on my knees and I’m a mechanic so finally after The Rush slowed down my guys finally checked up on me and eventually I got sent home I work an hour away so by the time I got home I seen my puppy and he was asleep I didn’t think anything of it but he usually wakes up as soon as I come home so I sit down and get some rest and try to regain my strength and I do and by the time I look at him I take a second glance and he’s not breathing I opened up his crate door and my dog’s cold and he’s stiff just pause her white and his little puppy tongue is sticking out and I couldn’t believe it and two year old daughter is asleep and I have to now bury my puppy before my daughter wakes up and finds out my little two year old it was the hardest thing ever had to do as a new father and obviously being by myself since starting my life with my wife and my little girl our little puppy really had died but I felt like somehow he tried to let me know while I was at work and that’s why I was feeling sick and weak but I was too late I just can’t get the feeling that somehow spiritually you let me know he was leaving does that sound stranger is that possible? Just speaking about this and letting me know exactly the first time I spoke about this still very recent so I think you guys to this poster reading this I miss you Bluey rip!

  74. Erin Newlands

    ..last week, I brought my PRECIOUS, DARLING baby rabbit, Seven, a Cashmere Mini Lop, and..long story short, he was SICK, SUFFERING even, and..I made the TOUGH, but NECESSARY decision, to..put him OUT of his misery, despite ONLY being 8 weeks old, LITERALLY ONLY just a BABY, and.. yesterday, the 4th of the 3rd, his suffering ended..I don’t know, all these.. coincidences are making me THINK.. ANYWAY, Seven, my PRECIOUS boy, I just hope you’re safe and happy wherever you are now, and..may you now rest in peace, my precious fur baby.. I LOVE you, Seven, and I always WILL.. good luck with phase of your journey, my PRECIOUS little guy 🤧😟🥺😥😭😔😓♥️♥️.. but..he’s FINALLY back home now, where he belongs..he can’t be HURT anymore, and for THAT, I’m TRULY grateful..I JUST wish we had even a LITTLE more time together.. but I LOVE you, boy..

  75. Tim

    I had to euthanize my schnauzer-german shepherd mix Finnegan that I rescued in 2009. We were together day and night for 13 years. Three walks each day and lots of playing and running around. I found out three years ago that he had kidney disease, but reversed it with a prescription diet and healthier treats.

    Three months ago, they found he had bladder cancer which was being controlled with a prescription to reduce the tumor size and make him comfortable.

    The day before I called to euthanize my best friend and funny companion, Finnegan was fine in the morning, acting like a puppy on the frosty grass. Coming back from a second walk while in my truck, he let out a small yelp and sat down. I checked him and he stood up and looked out the window. When I lifted him from the truck, his walk was slow and unsteady. That evening, I brought his dinner to him, and when he stood up, all four of his paws knuckled under and he fell on his side looking confused. He only ate a small amount of food and drank lots of water.

    I called the in-home pet service that night knowing I could cancel if he was back to normal the following morning. The next morning, he wobbled when he walked and could not defecate. He wolfed down his breakfast and some treats, but I knew it was time. I placed him on his favorite blanket by the front window with the filtered winter sunshine streaming in. I went to the store and bought him his favorite jerky treats that he could no longer eat before because of the kidney disease. I also bought him a huge juicy fresh cheeseburger. When I returned, he put his big wet nose up in the air sniffing for that cheeseburger, which he devoured quickly.

    The vet came and we went through the formalities outside. She then came upstairs, and Finnegan managed to get up and wobble over to her, sticking his nose in a crease of her bag and then smelling her. She told me then that his breathing suggested the cancer had moved to his lungs and the wobbly walking and previous day’s paw knuckling was degenerative spinal issues. She said it was the right time to let him go.

    We all went back to his cotton blanket in front of the window and she petted Finnegan’s back area while his front paws were on a pillow in my lap and i showered him with rubs and hugs. We took turns letting him go crazy over the chicken jerky treats. He was very comfortable and happy when she gave him the first shot after 45 minutes of love, even managing to take another treat from me two minutes before he fell asleep.

    His head and paws were on the pillow in my lap when she gave the second shot 15 minutes later. In less than a minute, his breathing and heart stopped. She went to get the stretcher and I placed my head on the side of his beautiful soft neck and broke down.

    The vet returned and we gently lifted him onto the stretcher. She tucked a blanket over him leaving his head and front paws exposed, and placed four red roses between his front paws. After putting him in her wagon, I had a final moment to kiss him and rub him the way he liked before I covered his head and she closed the door. She gave me two big hugs before she departed with my companion and soulmate.

    When I came back inside, I collapsed on the stairs in overwhelming grief and pain. A portion of my heart physically felt as if it was gone. I ambled around the house with a vacant, hollow feeling and tremendous sadness like I’ve never felt before.

    I looked at his stuffed toys, his food, his chew bones, his bedding on the couch, his scratch prints in the carpet, the water spilled on the side of his waterbowl, the few poop piles in the backyard, and treats on the kitchen counter. They all made me burst out crying again.

    That was three weeks ago. I’m not over it. I go on walks each day and carry his leash in my pocket like I used to do before. I talk to him and occasionally throw his favorite toy down the hall for him to get and refuse to give back to me. I come out to the couch in the middle of the night like before to check on him. I go out in the backyard in the early morning like we both used to do. And I tell him how handsome and smart he is, and how much I love, cherish, and miss his physical being.

    Two nights after Finnegan was euthanized, I woke up early in the morning hearing him deep sleep breathing in the living room. A week later, I heard his claws tapping on the hallway tiles early in the morning. I’ve had happy, vivid dreams of both of us out on walks playing together, and I’ve conducted afterlife contact meditations many times to see him again.

    Yesterday, I planted a tree in the front yard for him with a purple ribbon on it to represent the color of his favorite stuffed toy.

    Yet there is nothing that can replace my arms holding him with my face buried in his soft hair and feeling his heartbeat grace my soul.

    The bond is strong; we will be together again. No one will replace him.

  76. Robert Stannard

    I lost my best friend Tonka yesterday (3/16/23). I am gutted by the grief. He was a beautiful 10 year old Alaskan malamute. He got sick and passed the next morning. We had no forewarning. I miss him so much. The grief comes in waves. Every time I see one of his toys or walk past one of his favorite places to nap, it comes flooding in again. This is not my first experience with the grief that comes from losing a pet. I have been through it twice before. And, despite all of this horrible pain, I know I will go through it again. I cannot imagine life without the incredible pure joy that comes from bonding with a dog. And, while all I want right now is my Tonka back, I know some day I will again open my heart and my home to another wonderful new best friend. He or she will not be Tonka, and I know I need to wait until that is okay in my heart before I bring a new dog into my life. But, I very much look forward to the day that my thoughts of Tonka bring more smiles than tears. I miss you, buddy.

  77. Greg B. Fox

    I lost the love of my life on 3/24/2023, her name was Molly a black lab/pit mix that I rescued about 10 yrs ago from an animal shelter. She was the light of our home, she would always literally be smiling. I’ve had pets before but not like her. About 4 days before I had to put her down was when I noticed something wasn’t right I was desperate to save her which was futile. Unfortunately, my experience with her euthanization was not pleasant , the mobile Vet that came did not explain much , did not even pet her and put her down so quickly that I will be forever traumatized. But Molly gave us the best 10 years I could have dreamed of. Even though my grief is immense I know she is at peace. I will always love you Mol.

  78. David

    I lost my best friend April 3 and hurts so bad, he was 12 year old shiz Zu I had him put to sleep in his home, he had tumors on his anus for 3 years and the vet said it shows cancer on his back bone, I just hope I did the right thing , but they say it’s better a day early then a day late, I took him out and he just sits and looks at me , I’ll miss him forever, I just feel so much guilt !! Did I do the right thing? I keep asking myself.. all my love!!

  79. Sharon

    I am heartbroken reading all your stories and I hope and pray we can all get to see our beloved animals once again , on Tuesday 11th April 2023 I woke up and messaged my daughter to wish my 2 grandkids happy birthday one 4 years and the other 16 years , then I went and dealt with my lionhead bunnies and my 2 Guinea pigs and my husband was dealing with our 2 dogs Joe and Zeus , then I heard the barking big Zeus barking at the birds then people walking past he was so full of life well he was only 8 years and he was my 3rd German shepherd Rottweiler cross , he was the best ever guard dog he protected me from the first time he could bark I just adored him , come 1pm in the afternoon I noticed him sitting upright in the hall while Joe our red staffie was playing on his own and I said to my husband that’s strange so I told him to follow me into the kitchen to give him a treat but when getting up I noticed he was really struggling and I asked my husband if he had been hurt out the back while jumping and barking and he said no anyway I thought he must feel sick because he suffered colitis and sometimes he would need a tablet and that would help so I made his favourite scrambled egg and I put an omeprazole stomach tablet in it , but he refused to eat anything and all he wanted to do was drink , so after about 5 10 minutes I got his favourite toy and tried to get him to play but he still was sitting upright paws stretched out then I noticed his breathing so I said to my husband I’m calling the vet because I think there’s something wrong with Zeus heart and my husband said don’t be silly he’s only 8 but deep down I knew , so I got told to bring zeus right away but before we left to go our wee Staffordshire bull terrier joe came to see zeus and instead of trying to play he gave him a kiss and by this time I was frantic so off we went to the vet , they did blood tests and came and told us they were all perfect , I was baffled what was wrong with him then I asked so they wanted to try something else after they told me his blood pressure had dropped , I thought that’s ok I suffer low blood pressure myself I get dizzy I need to sit then I’m fine , so I asked what the next thing was going to be , they said scans ultrasounds in his tummy Incase something has burst so I said do whatever you need to so I can get medication and take him home , when she came back to get me she gave me a look and I knew he was not going to survive I just crumpled screaming no no please don’t take him , turns out Zeus heart had filled with fluid because a valve had popped but he also had 3 tumours , one on his liver one in the mouth that had only appeared that day and another in his heart , he went downhill very quickly and I managed to get in to see him when I saw him he seemed a million miles away he still wagged his tail but he never looked at me was that a good thing I don’t know , but he had developed a terrible thirst in the space of half an hour by this time I was uncontrollable I couldn’t speak for crying I just wanted Zeus to get up and bark at everyone I had to be taken out I was heartbroken then my husband came to get me and told me he passed so peacefully, every day since then I have did nothing but cry look for groups to talk on I cannot concentrate on anything, our little joe left a toy in zeus bed and I have spirit encounters with family frequently and I cannot get past the grief to see or feel Zeus and I too want him back and I feel I want to join him too it’s heartbreaking to the extent I’ve gave up on everyone including myself .

  80. Sharon

    Sorry I forgot to say also Zeus was born on my sons birthday 5th august and died on my 2 grandkids birthday 11th April , I also collect his ashes next Friday and I will keep this one short , I just want to say if you are ever lucky enough to have a pet like everyone on here then please cherish and love them every single day because you don’t know when it will be your last .

  81. Marina

    Sharon, my heart goes to you! We just lost our baby Kira (Siberian husky) on April 23rd. Something my husband pointed out to me is how I immediately noticed the slightest change in behavior and took her to the ER immediately after. You noticed the slightest changes too, you knew Zeus so well, his steps, his breath, his heart. That shows so much love! You know, Kira did have a friend husky Zeus, he was such a sweet boy. I wish I had something more comforting for you, but all of us, commenting here, know there is little comfort in anything when we grieve. I created a Facebook page for Kira when she was a puppy, and it’s been so nice to look at many, many pictures and videos I shared on that page. Never realized, just on how many adventures we’ve been together, and it helped with the feeling of guilt, seeing how wonderful Kira’s life was. I’m trying to look for signs she is still with me in spirit, she certainly is forever in my heart.

  82. Abigail

    I always wanted a dog, my whole life. Then one day, my dream came true! My mother took me to pick up my beautiful baby boy. My handsome Bullet. His previous owner couldn’t take him with her when she moved, and I was the lucky one to get to take care of him in her stead. My first ever dog. We got him in 2018, and he was born in 2007. My Boston Terrier. My gentleman. He was named Bullet because of how fast he could run. He loved tug-of-war, he loved the sun, and he loved sleeping and eating. We spoiled my baby Bullet. He would always sleep by my legs and snore and snore. I never cared about the noise, I loved my Bullet. I always had it in my heart that he would live with me forever, and that our little adventures and naps would never end. Two days ago, my sweet baby was laid to rest. April 24, 2023. It happened so suddenly. His heart was failing. His stomach was full of fluid and his back legs had swollen. He couldn’t breathe like he usually did. He couldn’t sleep. It hurt too much. But he tried so hard to live for me. My baby did his best to fight through the pain. I took him on one last walk that day. The same path I took him the first day we got him. We gave him so many treats and so much love.
    He won’t feel such pain anymore. My baby will never be sick again, and he can run as fast as a bullet again. I know I will see him again when my time comes. I just miss him so much. The pain is almost unbearable, I just want to see him again so badly. I just want to know he’s okay. But I know he always hated it when I cried…I’m trying my best to not cry for him. But he was my baby. I will miss him forever. I don’t know if it will ever stop hurting. I want to hear him snore again, I want to play tug-of-war with him again, and I want to take my handsome boy for another walk. I want to give him more snacks, take more naps with him, and give him more love. But my sweet Bullet is gone. He will never not be a part of me. He is my heart, my son, my love. I thank him for being so strong and keeping me alive. He was the best boy, the sweetest boy, and the handsomest. I will never forget his face, his smile, or his stinky farts. I miss my baby so badly. This pain will be with me forever, and so will be all my memories of him. My Bullet. I love you honey, and I miss you. Mommy will always be here for you, my sweet boy. Thank you for everything, Bullet. You will always be a good boy.

  83. Sharon

    Thank you marina , Abigail I have just read your story and it brought tears to my eyes I know how you feel I felt exactly the same way but something wonderful happened to me last week , Zeus visited me in spirit with my baby bunny Smokey that I lost last year , also I have since rescued a kangal shepherd dog and even although I am still grieving for Zeus big bear my new kangal is keeping me from sitting thinking about Zeus and making myself ill because I had stopped eating too when I lost Zeus but for some reason this big beautiful dog landed on my doorstep , I took a trip to the vet to get him checked and the vet said given his history that I know of I have done a wonderful and courageous thing taking this dog so soon after losing Zeus and I am so glad I did , he has shown me lots of love in the past 7 days and I totally love him , he was badly abused and a bit underweight but I do believe Zeus helped me find him , he will never take the place of Zeus but I can show and love again through Zeus’s memory , I wish I could give each and every one of you a happy ending but when your feeling this low nothing seems to help so I will pray for all of you and I hope you all get a lovely happy ending the way I did .

  84. Sharon

    Hi marina yes you are correct I knew every bit of Zeus and I still cry talking about him , but I’m doing well with big bear and bear adores us , he has a different life now and I couldn’t wish for a better dog apart from zeus , my wee staffie is very emotional just now , always crying I know he misses his big pal but through time I’m hoping bear will be his pal too , and the strangest thing happened last night too my son FaceTimed me on my iPad and said mum I’ve just met another kangal and I said surely not but he showed me her and the man said where he got her from it turned out the owner got her from the same place as myself and she is Bears daughter so it really is a small world and she is beautiful too , I love animals so much and if I can help an animal then I know no matter how bad things get animals do make me happy and cheer me up , I wish I could cheer you all up because losing your pet is the hardest thing any of us have to go through , I’m hoping Zeus will come back and visit me but if he dosent I’m grateful for that visit he gave me and I hope he is happy wherever he may be and I will be reunited with him again one day .

  85. Lilliana Pauline Arganda

    I recently had to put my cat down and her favorite spot to lay was looking outside through the screen door to my backyard although I never understood why because there is no birds nor lizards ever out there for her to look at and since shes past I see birds everywhere for 3 days i see birds every time i’m out there i can hear them chirping from the other side of my house lots of redbirds blue birds pigeons and a lot of other ones i have never seen, these birds make feel it is her telling me shes okay i miss her so dearly

  86. Hannah

    Hey everyone, first off I’m sorry for all of your losses. I never experience having to put a dog down and I always knew it was sad but I really didn’t realize just how painful it was and is afterward. My sweet CoCo Bean (he was named coco by a previous owner we kept it since he responded to it when he was adopted) he was inheritaed to another family from another member passing away. They didn’t take care of him. Feeding him senior dog food when even though when we got him he was 4. He was severely underweight for a corgi when we got him ( 17 pounds) he was so thin and some major skin conditions. He was adopted after my parents cats passed and I had a corgi and they want to get one too. The only requirement for the corgi was that he or she would get along with my corgi (camber) they met and he barked a lot at her but not aggressively, we all agreed they seemed to mesh pretty well so we went through with the adoption. When my parents went and picked him up ( he was adopted through a corgi rescuer) the requirement from the rescue was that he had to be fixed. Which wasent a problem. They went to get him and the people who inherited him passed him over like he meant nothing to them. ( this was a family members of theirs that had passed dog ) we brought him home the full 2 hour car ride got all his stuff and I met my parents at the dog park so him and my dog could play on neutral territory before heading to his new home. We did move once while having him but his forever home was wherever we were with him. They continued to get along we noticed coco had issues with other dogs. Literally all of them besides mine? I’m sure it had something to do with the fact he had to fight for his food. That dog that they didn’t want ended up being our whole world. The dogs really brought the family together even closer. Any of us would drop anything to help the other with the dogs. Even though he didn’t live with me I took care of him weekly so my parents could run errands and him and my camber could play together. He really was everyone’s dog just like mine is. Later he went through some pretty traumatic events. He ended up having a broken tooth we didn’t know about. His teeth were in bad shape since they didn’t take care of him. Which eventually became infected and slowly took over his body. At first we thought it was just cherry eye but it ended up being the infection trying to find more space to fill. He was rushed to the ER and he had a draining tube out in the side of his face and he looked like a zombie for a few months. He eventually recovered fully he had some nerve damage which caused his lip to twitch (like Elvis it was so adorable) he was so happy. Later on a routine checkup the vet mentioned a heart murmor for him got worse. We had no idea he even had one they never told us. They checked his chart and sure enough it was on his last checkup which at the time was during vivid and the vets were only doing telephone visits so you couldn’t be in the room with your dog while they checked. ( it was really horrible) since they never told us he wasent treated for a year which when discovered was at a stage 2 and ended up at a stage 5 before we knew. Immediately he was taken to a cardiologist, was put on medicine to help slow the progression. We knew obviously the the prognosis was not great but we thought once he was on his meds and it had slow the progression it would give us a lot more time. Well he started not feeling good this week. We thought at first maybe something just didn’t agree with him but he didn’t really want to eat at times and was randomly getting hungry. So it seemed he was feeling a bit better. August 22 after he was in the emergency vet. The day before they said he was in heart failure or at least the signs pointed to it. Being hopeful we thought just like any other time he would pull through. Well they did some work on him and found out he had a cancerous tumor on his spleen that ruptured and he was bleeding internally. They said the chances of him coming out of surgery were slim to none. He has just been checked on august 10th and nothing was found. Sadly we had no choice but to put him down. He was miserable and the vet told us he was crying in pain in the morning. We said goodbye to him on a patio at the emergency vet. They brought him out and he was very out of it but looking around. We brought my dog with us so she could say goodbye too. He just stared at her. He couldn’t walk so he just layed on a bed they had out there. We got to spent some time with him while he was on pain meds and then we had to say goodbye. They came out and did it so we could all be there and I held his paw and told him how much I loved him repeadly. Probley to a point where it was annoying. Ever since then I have been so broken. It feels like world had crashed around me. I can’t sleep cause I feel guilty sleeping. Why should I when he goes get to? ( it was one of his favorite things was napping ) the guilt surrounds me it feels like I’m being suffocated and the only thing that will make it stop is not possible. I never understood pure grief until now. I’ve had grandparents pass but this feels so much worse. I have to hope that he knows we had no choice and no amount of money would have saved him. It’s only been a day since we put him down but it feels like an eternity of suffering while the 8 years we had with him after he was adopted at age 4 don’t feel nearly long enough. I feel robbed I thought I had more time with him and that their would be signs. This came on so quickly and I just can’t help but think did we all miss more signs that he wasent well ? I’ve been asking for signs from him to let me know he’s still with me since he didn’t live with me but was my dog none the less. I always took care of him when it was needed. I wish their was a way to just know the signs are real and not just fabricating in my mind things I want to see.

    I know it was long but I appreciate anyone who took the time to even read part of how special my coco was to me. You didn’t know him but reading everyone else’s story made me feel a little better

  87. kayfabe

    I wish this was true but sadly in the past 25 years i have lost so many pets, 6 months ago my calico cat lily 13 and yesterday my Russian blue paco who was going on 14. A part from my cat maddy that stairs at the wall a lot i never saw or felt a sign of my deceased pets.

    The only thing now when Maddy passes i will never adopt another pet, the pain the stress when they get sick my heart can’t take this anymore.

  88. Julie Swinney Butler

    Julie and Alan.(New Zealand).
    We had our cat Tabs put to sleep on Monday 2nd October 2023, at 16.00pm, she was 13 or 14 years old. Unfortunately one of the vets diagnosed her with cat asthma and prescribed Prednisolone after a X-Ray to discover her bronchioles were clogged up, also a full blood count check was done and nothing showed up to say she had any underlying issues.After her anaesthetic she never seemed right. We took her back for her check up after being on the steroids as requested, but the other vet informed my husband she was getting old and losing weight due to her lungs failing due to old age a month later she developed swallowing issues!!!!! We are both medical and thought the first vet who intubated her caused trauma to her upper airway as she went down hill very quickly from this procedure. A drastic weight loss of 3kgs over the couple of months after her treatment was concerning as with steroids they tend to eat more. Unfortunately in the morning she appeared Hungary and would try to eat her treats followed by vomiting especially if she had a drink of water. One night which was the Sunday before Tabs our baby was put to sleep she cried it was almost her telling us she was ready to go. We are so empty and we are slowly trying to get back to a normal routine but its hard as she was our precious baby. Tabs adopted us as her previous owners who we think lived over the fence abandoned her so we had her chipped and pinned and she became ours.
    I feel as though due to the stress and pain we are going through losing  our little girl who got  unwell makes us both feel sick and dont feel we could go through this again. I hope this testimony helps people with their pain and grief that we are going through. Losing our precious little fur baby.

  89. Eryka Daemons

    My Mr. Wolf had to be put down July 1, 2023. He had a tumor that had grown rapidly on his spinal cord. A gorgeous Akita German Shepard mix, he was my first service dog- specifically trained for Psychiatric disorders. I have lost not only huge parts of my heart and soul, but now also have to contend with a life and conditions that are crippling.
    His blanket is now on my bed. I sleep with his service vest like a teddy bear. His bed hasn’t been moved or cleaned. I have yet to pick up his ashes, as I’m reluctant to see what it’s going to do to me.
    He has shown up though- He was a very vocal dog. Lots of shushing, paw thumping, tail bumping, and wouldn’t take no for an answer, (part of his benefits). Just yesterday I found a hair on my wrist, and it gave me a smile. He’s here, reminding me we’re always family, forever.

  90. Mary

    My wonderful cat PJ had to be put down I regret it this was several years ago Now I feel him jump on my bed then he laid on my feet I here him and I feel him on my feet. Then he would move up to my face and he was purring, Then I could see things moving around the bedroom. There was dark spots and white moving around then there was and then white things moving the is was like a very large cloud. Then as it was moving down there were clear dots then I saw PJs face. And when the dark cloud moved around when it got near it had the same thing and went out the room. Then the white cloud was stretched out from the wall to the door over my bed it was long. As it was moving down I felt cool air when I put my hand up it came lower then I could see the inside and lights were all over my hand then went back up. Then when the white cloud came straight towards me I saw PJs face followed by other cats. Then I noticed the long cloud was going out the door. I never stopped praying and talking to PJ and telling him don’t let the clouds hurt me. I want to tell you I am at the top list of non believers I am 66 years old. These things have been happening for 3 nights now and this is real. I am wide awake just get into the bed I feel the weight on my feet. What does this mean. I am going crazy then when it started I told my son to come in things kinda went still except the long cloud I said do you see the cloud and he replied no. Now I feel like my sons think I lost my mind. Can anyone explain this?

  91. Lily

    I feel everyone’s pain I had to go through the same thing but I was only 8 and it was my dog best friend that died I miss Goldie but I got over it after a couple days of depression but then I was good and prayed to myself and said I was going to let my wings fly.

  92. Nicole

    I lost my 13 year old baby Bentley on January 4th, 2024.
    He had developed pneumonia but didn’t show any symptoms of pneumonia. No running nose, no coughing, etc. On January 1st is when he didn’t want to eat his dog food so eventually I gave him some white rice and he ate it fine. He was eating his treats and still drinking water fine. His bowls movements were fine and no vomiting. I noticed his breathing had become a little labored that night. I took him to his regular vet who confirmed he had pneumonia and then I took him to the ER where they put him in an oxygen chamber for hours while also giving him antibiotics and fluids. At the ER was tortuous because I couldn’t hold him and comfort him. I was only able to open the chamber briefly to pet him periodically because every time the chamber opens it would affect the oxygen levels. He appeared to be doing better as the night progressed because his dependence on oxygen lessened and he even ate some chicken. I decided to go home to get some of his personal things to make him feel more comfortable and while at home the ER called me that he was being transported to a different ER location because the current one was running out of oxygen! While at this new location he became worse and needed more oxygen dependence. He started developing back pain from trying so hard to maintain breathing! I regret leaving him! I feel like because I left him, he started to decline. I ultimately made the decision to put him to sleep because I didn’t want him to suffer anymore. I held him the entire time and told him I loved him, that he was such a dog boy, and that I was so sorry! I feel like such a bad dog mom that I didn’t realize he was sick sooner. I feel like I made all the wrong decisions! My was my best friend and I failed him. I hope he forgives me and send me signs that he is ok and happy! My life will never be the same.

  93. R J Hernandez

    Harley, born on December 29th, 2010, entered our lives on September 17th, 2011, at the tender age of 8 months. From the very first moment we laid eyes on her, it was love at first sight. She became an integral part of our family, bringing boundless happiness and love into our home.
    Harley was not just a pet; she was a source of laughter, comfort, and unwavering companionship. She had a zest for life that was infectious, and her playful spirit enriched our days. Whether bounding through the yard in pursuit of a ball or showcasing her incredible jumping skills, Harley brought a sense of joy that was truly unparalleled.
    Her adventurous spirit extended beyond our home. Harley loved long walks, swimming with dolphins, boating, and basking in the sun at the beach. She embraced life with an enthusiasm that left a lasting imprint on all who knew her.
    Harley wasn’t just a pet; she was a teacher. She taught us how to be better humans, reminding us of the importance of love, loyalty, and living in the moment. Her presence was a daily reminder of the simple joys in life, and the unconditional love she offered was a gift that we will forever hold dear.
    As the holidays approached, Harley’s excitement reached new heights. Thanksgiving and Christmas were her favorite times of the year, knowing that these celebrations brought not only delicious human food but also the company of family and friends. Her tail-wagging presence added an extra layer of joy to these special moments, and the memories of those times will forever be etched in our hearts.
    Today, as we say our goodbyes, our home feels emptier without her. Yet, we find solace in knowing that Harley’s spirit will live on within us. Though she may have crossed the rainbow bridge, the love and memories she left behind will endure for eternity.
    Harley, your sister Kahlua awaits you at the end of the rainbow, ready to guide you to green fields to run and crystal-clear beaches to swim and play. As we mourn your physical absence, we take comfort in the belief that one day, we will all be reunited, and the joyous moments we shared will be relived.
    Rest in peace, dear Harley. You were more than a pet; you were family. Your paw prints are forever etched on our hearts, and your memory will be a beacon of light in the days to come. We love you. RIP November 18th 2023

  94. Fabienne

    I’ve been reading all of the messages above and they bring me so much comfort, peace and even joy as they make me believe a little bit more in the magic of subliminal messages sent to us from our loss pets… :-)

    I’ve had two lovely dogs in my life. First there was Paprika who I received as a graduation gift when I was 20 (I am now 37!) and then came Lucy ten years later when I was 30.
    After their passing I truly believe that they have sent me subliminal messages to let me know that they were okay, safe and at peace…

    Paprika died last year of kidney failure which had left me truly heartbroken and I’d dare say traumatized. I mean she had lost so much weight… And the day that we brought her to the vet to be put down was one day too late… she was crying in pain…her organs were shutting down… I will forever be mad at myself and feel guilty for being selfish and wanting to keep her just “one more day” alive and physically with me… The day she died, I saw a rainbow right outside the window of our house and the next day I found this very special keychain that I thought i had lost and would never find again. The keychain in question it was a replica of her. My sweet red haired dachshund! I felt so much love from her at that time. A very magical and special feeling. 💗

    As for my sweet Lucy, well she just died this Tuesday. Right before Valentine’s Day. Lucy died of sick sinus syndrome. This health problem caused her to faint consecutively three times the morning of the 13th which had never happened before. After my third successful attempt at reviving her with a cardiac massage (yes i had to do it not just once but three times in a row!) she was for the third and last time awake, aware but panting. Yes she was stable, lying on her bed but she had so much difficulty breathing at that point. I knew it was time… So we called the vet and organized an at home euthanasia. When she left, it was different than for Paprika, i could see in her eyes that she was not afraid with what was coming… She looked so serene lying on her bed waiting for the two shots that would finally set her free. What surprised me first was that the neighbors cat that we love and had not seen for more than a month had appeared two days before Lucy’s death and was still with us at the house when Lucy was put down! She even went and lied down next to Lucy when we were waiting for the vet to arrive and she had done this only once or twice before, so it was quite unusual for her! Then came the signs after Lucy’s passing: The same day while I was feeding my one year old, she smudged purée all over her shirt and it left a clear heart shape. I.was.shocked. And ever since I’ve been seeing hearts in unexpected places. Something tells me it’s her telling me “hey I’m okay, don’t worry and I love you”. 🩷 I also know what you are thinking, Valentine’s Day was coming up so of course you would see so many hearts. The thing is, where I notice the hearts is places that are not so obvious like on the packaging of wet wipes, on one of my daughter’s toy or in a painting we have at home. And I feel like I should point out that Lucy died of a heart problem. I could it have not been her reaching out? ☺️

    All in all i loved both of my girls to the moon and back and as much as theirs deaths have left me devastated, i also achieved a state of appeasement and peacefulness. 💛

    Thank you Paprika and Lucy for all the love you have given me in the past and the love you have sent me after we’ve said farewell. I love you. 🧡💜🩵

  95. Kate

    All these comments have me crying but also help me feel better. The love of my life, Moxie, passed away 2/21/24 at 2:45AM, she had been fighting lymphoma and finally let me know she was tired and ready for the fight to end. She was a “tweenie” long haired dachshund and I got her when I was 13 and I’m 27 now, I had her for half of my life and I’m just absolutely broken. Every time I’m alone I cry and I can’t stop. Even my other dogs seem so sad. But I have noticed signs that my love Moxie is here with me still. I’ve heard her little claws tapping on the ground behind me, a lady bug flew into my room yesterday and landed on me (in February of all times), a fan I have in my room wouldn’t work regardless of what I did and I finally gave up and sat down and about 5 minutes later it just randomly turned on. I know these were all her letting me know she’s still here with me. I am going to miss that little girl so much but I believe I will see her again someday. In the meantime I’m going to live for her and I’m going to comfort my other dogs until they’re okay again too.

  96. Sky

    I read Beverly’s comment and felt like I could relate to it. My cat Allister passed away around the age of 12. I feel like he was gone too soon. He passed away outside after eating his food in the morning and going out. I live far but grew up with him since the 2nd grade (20y now) and when I heard the news from my mother I was devastated and still crying to this day. I’m glad i’m not alone in this but it has been a tough week and probably a tough month for the next days to come. He was a big cat but I want to believe he passed away peacefully and not hurting as he may have had heart disease. Currently still mourning his death but I hope I do see signs of him trying to communicate with me that he is okay.

  97. Mr Nicholas S L Thomson

    i miss my moo so much , i know she is waiting and ill be with her soon

  98. Ουρανία Γκότση

    I lost my daughter Melita few days ago….she is my child, my soul, my breath. She loves swimming and we were almost every day together. She is (was) 13 y and 5 months.i see 1313 numbers. I want so much to kiss yes beautiful nose. Believe me she is gorgeous and amazing smart and I great swimmer.

  99. Melissa

    I was devastated after we made the difficult decision to put down my black lab mix, Izzy. Ten years was not long enough with my baby. The day that I went to pick up her ashes was an unusually beautiful, sunny winter day in February, and the facility was located in the countryside so it was a winding, peaceful drive through the woods to get there. After I left with Izzy, I was still crying as I turned onto the back road. There, sticking out on a tree at the end of a homeowner’s driveway as I drove towards it, was one of those yard flags. The picture on the flag was the head of a black lab. I had to pull over because I was so overcome with emotion at this very obvious sign from her.

  100. Nicole

    On 6/6/24 we said goodbye to our very good boy of 13yrs. He was the goofiest looking inbred chiweenie you ever saw and we loved him so completely. He was the mascot for my daughter’s softball team every year until she moved out of the town leagues. People knew and talked about our Gator man even when they didn’t know us. He really was famous in a small town, loved everyone. I always said he would be a terrible watch dog because if someone broke in while we were away it would be the greatest day for him. He was diagnosed with collapsing trachea and over sever years it got worse. He was intubated in January for dental and it exacerbated his collapse. He needed it done but I so wish I could have taken it back. During his last year sleep was difficult. The last 6mo he was up a lot and never slept past 4am. The last 3wks especially starting with wake ups at 2:30am then 1:30am then 12am the last couple days. He was placed on steroids because he wasn’t a candidate for surgery based on the location of his collapse at the main stem bronchial area. We attributed all the odd things we began seeing to his steroids but the cough had stopped. 2 days before he passed we took a nice walk at the track and he ran through the grass on the football field, big smiles as always. Then the following morning he started coughing again. We brought him in and they found that he now had pneumonia, his sleep disturbances and night walking was dementia not the steroids and his sight had gone. It was so rapid, he was seen in April and overall fine. My husband reviewed the x-rays and said the rapid change of his thinned trachea was startling. He didn’t sleep his last night and coughed nonstop. I was at the grocery store buying his salmon as soon as they opened. I always said when the day came he would have the best last week. We didn’t know it was his last week and yet we had done all the things we would have done had we known. The walks, the pup cup from DQ (he only got them on his birthday but for some odd reason we had gotten him one special and he had it throughout the week) and finally his salmon. When he could eat nothing else that morning he ate that so fast and stood in the kitchen while my husband cooked it for him. He was surrounded that whole last day and morning. Our daughter had only just come home from college and we feel like he waited for the whole family to be home before saying goodbye. The kindest thing he did was tell us it was time to go, we didn’t have to choose the date as he wouldn’t have made it another hour. It was so peaceful. We struggled without him, our house feels empty and we feel lost. My daughter curls up in his blanket because it smells like him. I haven’t vacuumed the house because I don’t want to lose hair that drove me crazy all over the house. I haven’t emptied his water bowl or put away his toys. All the firsts without him hurt. I cried when I opened a chip bag and he didn’t come running. My husband especially suffered having lost his first dog (I told him you’ll never understand until you have a dog what it’s like as I cried until he agreed to adopt from the special needs litter at the shelter…he was special for sure lol). He took him everywhere and for 13yrs he slept snuggled up to us. He was the center of our family and all the choices we made and our routine focused on Gator’s needs.

    Since he’s been gone we’ve begun to hear his tippy toes around the house and once I felt something light brush my leg while I was washing dishes. My husband has come home twice to an overwhelming scent of our bubby boy. As I drove to work the first day after his passing a red cardinal dived straight down from the sky by my driver’s side window landing on the highway. He’s with us and there are so many signs. His presence has given us a sense of peace, he knew just how much we loved him. He really was such a good boy.

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