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33 Afterlife Signs from your Pet

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Do people keep telling you “everything will be okay,” “you did all you could,” or “they loved you so much and you should always remember that?” And all you want is a sign from your pet, letting you know that they are near and that they are okay. Maybe you keep thinking “how I am going to move forward and live with this loss?” Express your feelings and pain. Know that even though it is hard right now, you are not alone. It is possible to live and move forward from the loss. Not move on. Acknowledge the loss and the love. Treasure the experience and moments you had with them. And remember to look around and you are sure to see signs that they are near.

You are strong. This time of grief is an opportunity for you to look at the world differently. There is a new appreciation for life and this beautiful place that your pet was so happy to be apart of. Try to look at this world the way they did. Look around and you will see signs that they are near, visiting you from the afterlife.


  • You may hear your pet’s collar jingle as it used to when they were walking around or shaking themselves.
  • Wonder what that thudding sound was? Your pet is wagging their tail.
  • Clip clip clip, that’s the sound of their nails as they walk around.
  • Do you hear their barks, cries, or whimpering?
  • Did a song come on the radio that reminded you of them? Or maybe you randomly get the song stuck in your head.


  • Have you ever felt them brush up against your leg?
  • A sudden change in temperature around you can be a sign that they are near.
  • How about that spot they always curled up in? You may find a warm spot.
  • When a happy memory just pops into your head out of the blue, they are there to remind you of joy.
  • Have you ever interacted with a pet that felt exactly like your pet? Physical impressions are a truly wonderful experience.

In the sky

  • Look at the clouds. The clouds may make an image or a line formation that reminds you of your pet – that’s them.
  • See that beautiful rainbow? That’s them saying hello and that they are okay on the other side.


  • Have you ever had a dream where your pet comes to visit? Check out to learn more about grief dreams and listen to my episode on the Grief Dream Podcast.


  • Birds are a sign of freedom – common birds to start seeing after a passing are: Blue Jays, Red Robins, Cardinals, and Gold Finches.
  • Ever notice those beautiful dragonflies or butterflies? These are a sign from your pet asking you to embrace change.
  • Ladybugs may start appearing as a reminder to live your life to the fullest.
  • Any other animal that started appearing after the passing that you never seen before could be a sign from your beloved.
  • Keep an eye on the behaviour of your other pets. You may notice them focused on something you can’t see. Even playing with what looks like something else but they are by themselves.


  • Ever look at the clock and see a repeat of numbers? 11:11 being the most common – these numbers are the spirits telling you that you are on the right path.
  • Other number formats can represent special dates, anniversary, etc. For example, if your pet passed away on October 20th, you may see 10.20 on a clock.
  • Maybe you’ve noticed a license plate before that insistently reminded you of your pet.


  • Did you by chance see movement out of the corner of your eyes?
  • Maybe the same picture keeps falling? That’s them letting you know they are around.


  • Have you ever experienced a joyful scent out of the blue?
  • Maybe you still smell them even when none of there belongings are around.

Other signs

  • You may experience flowers budding, especially out of season. They are letting you know that they are okay and experiencing life in a different form.
  • Don’t forget that your pet’s spirit is filled with energy so it’s not uncommon that you may experience electrical manipulations after their passing.
  • You may find a feather after their passing. This is the Angel feather letting you know they are safe and at peace.
  • Have you ever found a coin with a special year on it? Maybe it was a birth, date, or anniversary.
  • Maybe you spotted their name somewhere unexpected.
  • Anytime you see heart shapes in, on, or around something, that’s love sent from your beloved pet.
  • Phone calls from unknown numbers on a static line could be your pet trying to connect with you.
  • You may even find sweet reminders of them and their love through strands of fur, whiskers, nails, or even baby teeth.

How can we be sure that these signs are our pets connecting with us from the afterlife? Believe it, and you will feel it. Be aware of your surroundings and keep your heart open.

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  1. Kamira

    I remember when my cat passed away I would feel light air on my neck or weight at my feet (like she used to lay on my feet in bed) or see the numbers 11:11 on my clocks often. This is very interesting and validates my personal feelings, our pets live on in the afterlife.

  2. Patricia S

    Good morning, The day my dog passed was 05/07/2020 we had to put her down at the vets, later on in the late afternoon I was talking to the person who gave her to me 16 years ago she’s a friend of mine an I told her what had happened earlier in the day as I was informing her the water bowl dispenser started bubbling for a while like as if my dog was there drinking from it but there wasn’t a dog there?. Now a week has passed then last Thursday 05/14/2020 the water bowl again was bubbling like as if a dog was drinking from it? Forgot to mention I do have another small dog too thats why I have a water bowl in the kitchen but he wasnt there drinking from it? When I received my dog of 16 years she was a puppy, I didn’t pick her she picked me, she camed to me started to lick my fingers, wagged her tail and played. from there on she always wanted to know where I was, she loved me an adore me, she always was watching me with here loving eyes where every I go in the home she’d be there a few feet away, she slept with my for 16 years (7/3/2004 to 7/2020). In the evening when it was time for bed she’d be so happy that I was getting ready for bedtime she would go under the covers an cuddle right next to me stomach cuz I sleep on my side. She was a very close dog to me…. Cant believe she’s not here anylonger I sure will miss her dearly, its like someone just stole her from me, I will be getting her ashes an a plaque with her paw print on it in a few days hopefully this will comfort me…

  3. Lorelei Schnabler

    I hope those signs are comforting to you. My darling little Charlie died a year ago last month. When I’m coming home from work, I still go on automatic pilot and think I will see her at the door.

  4. Deanna

    Aug 7 of last yr my Jasper passed away unexpectedly it’s still so painful and others don’t understand why I still feel this way ?

  5. Hilda

    I just lost my baby Mia on 7/15/2020. It was the hardest and most painful thing. She was about to turn 10 years old and she had been with me since she was 2 months. The day I picked up her ashes from the vet I found a bird in my backyard that couldn’t fly. I took the bird and tried to feed it and gave water. It seem like it was going to be ok, I try to put it outside a few times to see if it wanted to to fly but it didn’t, it just moved from one place to the other in my backyard. The next day I put it on my lap because it seem startled. It felt like the bird was very calm and just laying on my lap, I could tell it was still breathing and alive but after about an hour I realized it had passed ?

    I know it was a sign from my beautiful Mia. I miss and love her dearly. May her beautiful soul be in a wonderful place being the happy puppy she always was ❤️

  6. Mark

    My mind is blown away, because when I got down to the part about if your pet passed on Oct. 20th you look at the clock and it’s 10:20.. well as soon as I read that, I look up at the time and it was 1 minute away from 8:10.. which was yesterday, August 10.. and my dog just passed away yesterday ?

  7. Mary Tinsley

    Just lost my beautiful Golden Retriever today…8/22/20…we feel lost…..came home from the vet…..and found a little gray and white feather beneath our coffee table next to a little fluff of Toby’s fur….

  8. Jannie

    I lost my beloved cat Muning five weeks ago. Days after her passing, I saw a brown lady bug in the kitchen, the color and spots of the lady bug reminded me of my cat’s tummy, brown with some faint grey spots, She loved when I pet/stroke her tummy, she’s like a dog. A couple of times we saw dragon flies, first time my husband saw it in the balcony. Today, we have it inside our apartment, I was able to catch it, took some photos and when I was trying to free it outside it didn’t fly right away, it stayed on my thumb. It stayed long enough for my husband to get my phone so I can take some more photos before it finally flew. We never saw lady bugs nor dragonflies in our apartment before since our apartment is on 5th floor and we live in New York City. The other day when I was working from home, I was having this team meeting with my boss and she was showing me a file from her screen, the filename of the file she was showing me begins with 1111, I was watching her screen and then she executed a command on that file, after the command finished processing, the timestamp shows11:11am, I was blown away with coincidence! I really love to see signs from my fur baby, I love and miss her so much. I really want to know if she is OK.

  9. Emma Fox

    My beloved horse Mouse passed over last Saturday, I’m heartbroken to say the least he was 30 years old we’d been a partnership for so long. Since he passed I have found 2 feathers, had a very confident Robin appear in the garden starring at me & not moving even though I got closer & yesterday a Ladybug appeared on my passenger car seat next to me, windows closed. Yesterday my youngest dog started acting like my dog that passed in 2018, hitting me with her paw to get my attention & she has never acted this way in 7 years although Reo did this everyday, I’m wondering if Reo came to see me because of how upset I am about Mouse? I felt Reo when he passed a few days after he jumped on the bed and lay next to me until I fell asleep as I was so upset from him going. I hope these are from my furry friends.

  10. Dianne

    I lost my beautiful boy last Tuesday 09/22/2020. The pain is like no other. I also have had the feelings like someone came down and took him from me. I do not know how to move forward without him. It does not feel right. He was my baby. The grief is overwhelming, it’s like losing an arm. Part of my heart is missing.

    I don’t know how to go on without him.

  11. Mindy

    Dianne, I lost my sweet boy on 9/23/20. I feel your pain. I feel the same way. I’m having a harder time moving on, this time. Its so heart breaking. ?

  12. Debra Murphy

    I lost my sweet little girl, my Miniature Pinscher that I had for 16 1/2 years on No. 6, 2020. I got her when she was 9 weeks. We did so much together. A year after I got her I lost my other Dog. So it was her and me….we went to parks, dog walks, fundraisers, pet stores, and traveled.
    We celebrated her birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas morning she would open her presents under the tree. I played a music box for her. I love and miss her so much! I have her toys here. Her water dish is on the floor. Every night she would get her bedtime snack….a mini treat. She cuddled with me. It hurts SO much. My heart is broken. I just wish I could find out if she knew how much I love her!

  13. Monica M

    My little one crossed over a few days ago and my body yearns and pains so much to have him here with me! I am finding it so hard, so painful, it also feels a part of me is missing. He was my everything, my shadow, he gave me so much and not having him here is more painful than words can describe! I sometimes smell him and it brings me comfort and I want to feel him more and get more signs from him, I know he will always be with me. It’s just so hard not to see or physical have him by me ?

  14. morene

    my lab who was 14 yrs old passed away 1-27-21 at home. I fell asleep after being by his side off and on all night trying to comfort him. my heart is so broken. I was not by his side when he passed. I loved him so much! I cant quit crying. I brought his ashes home today. I hugged his little box of ashes and cryed my eyes out. I’m so sad.

  15. Susan

    I lost my HENLEY 12/09/2020, I too am so lost and heartbroken.. I had him for 14 yrs. and he was my everything and my constant. I don’t think that I will ever get past the pain. I find my self looking for him
    Every min and crying constantly. How do I find him. Please help.

  16. Claudia

    I lost my beautiful cat Tigger on 16/12/20 and I was beyond devastated. I still am! It’s almost been two months and I don’t feel any better. I haven’t yet had any signs of him being here, though it would be wonderful to know that he is. His ashes are in a gorgeous wooden box on the mantlepiece in the living room. I feel like I make progress with my healing but whenever I’m alone in the house it all just comes crashing down again. Every time I’m alone in this house I feel so upset and most of the time I just cry and cry and cry, I want to feel better but it’s so hard ! I miss him so much. It did get to a point where I missed him so much I felt that the only way I’d feel better was to join him. I still feel that now and again but I know he wouldn’t want that. I just wish he was back here. :(
    He passed away in my arms ❤️

  17. Monica

    Oh @Claudia I feel your pain!! And identify with so much of it!! Grief is so painful and torturous, I am feeling it all myself!
    I know everything feels unbearable at the moment, though deep down, I know things will eventually get better, but unfortunately we have to let time heal and sooth us. I keep trying to by kind and gentle to my self. Try to find things that sooth you, it’s different for everyone and grief unfortunately isn’t Linea. Some days I may feel a bit calmer and other days it feels I am back at the beginning. All our beauties ever want is for us to be happy and soothed, once we find moments of lightness in our grief, we start finding signs, there are more signs than we realise, not just what is mentioned here, I know they are beside us and wanting only the best ❤️

  18. Claudia

    @Monica, thank you for your kind words. It’s kind of comforting in a way to know that I am not the only one who feels this way! Yet I wish you happiness and healing at the same time. I feel exactly the same, some days I feel good and some days I feel right back at the beginning again! But you are definitely right, it will get better in time❤️ I will welcome any signs of him. Thank you for your advice as well, I will try my best! We are in this together :)

  19. Monica

    @claudia much love ❤️ I know words are easier said than done. Wishing much healing and signs from our beloved babies ?


    I lost my beloved American Cocker Spaniel Aubrey on the 4th March 2021. It has only been a couple of days since he left me. He had a bad heart and was battling an infection. At almost 14yrs, after two months of progress I thought he was winning the fight. Although weak, and being hand fed I still had hope. Till he died while I was trying to feed him, he just went limp, head rolling to the side, eyes wide. I fought to revive him and failed…he was gone. My heart is broken…we were like ET and Elliott, so in tune and empathic. Now there is just his absence…I feel his loss. I have been waiting to feel a sense of him around me. There is nothing…Just his ashes and a paw print. I find myself holding his blanket and PJ’s…anything to feel closer to him. People say get another dog, and that would feel like a betrayal of my baby. I would give anything just to hold him in my arms. Logically I know grief is something we go through…emotionally I am hurting in a way that even a relatives passing has not evoked. I thought I heard his paws on the kitchen floor the night he died, like he would do when looking for me…Since then there has been nothing. It has brought me comfort to read I am not alone in my grief…I was so lucky to have such a gentle soul in my life.

  21. DAI

    I lost my four-legged soulmate Moo Moo two weeks ago. The grief is unbearable. He was the most handsome, smartest, most interactive cat. He was always glued to me, so I feel his absence every minute.I think of him constantly. I still cry multiple times daily. He left such a void in the house; it will never be the same. He has come to me in dreams and also sent us very obvious signs, with his name “Moo Moo” actually popping up twice. He sends us rainbows and other signs. I am grateful for them, but I still miss him and feel like I will never get over this loss. I look at photos and videos hoping they will make me feel better, but they just remind me of how much I miss him and hw the joy is gone from the house. I am just praying that his spirit is still her, that our love will connect us forever across time and dimensions, and that I will see him again one day.

  22. DAI

    Rachele, I read your post and feel for you.Yes, logically we all know that no one lives forever, but that does not matter. And I agree that the loss of our beloved companions is, in some ways, much more painful than the loss of a relative. I think it’s because our animals are always with us, offering unconditional love. The relationship with them is so easy and pure.

  23. Barbara

    My sweet Maggie lost her battle to cancer, ckd and ibd March 11, 2021. We were very close. I didn’t think I could survive without her but I am here. I was so desperate to see her she finally came to me about 3 days after she passed away in my dream. Some nights I forget she’s not here and call for her half asleep ;((( and I had 2 or 3 light bulbs go bad in a week. I miss her so much.

  24. Nichole Rosser

    Our baby Gigi died tragically on 3/24/2021. I’m trying to move forward but I took her to a friends while we moved and promised her I would be back. She was so mad at me. She got hit by a car the next morning trying to get home. I am drowning in what if’s. She was only 7. Praying her soul finds me again so I can hold her

  25. TONY D

    My baby boy Charlie was only 8 weeks old when I brought him home. Next week would’ve been his 10th birthday. Yesterday we took him to the vet to be laid to rest because of liver failure. My heart is shattered. Unrepairable. I feel empty inside. My house seems so empty and lifeless. My wife & I have been crying all day. Yesterday after we got home I was in the kitchen getting a glass of water and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw Charlie sitting in his favorite spot. Today just a few minutes as I was sitting by my computer I received a whiff of his sent. My ole stinky dog. Last night I slept on his bed and sobbed like a little kid. His bed still smells like him. He was not only our pet but he was my service dog. Our bond was unbreakable. I truly hope he is still with me. I feel as if part of my soul died along with him. It all seems like a terrible nightmare. I wish we could upload pics on this site. I love you Charlie Brown. Daddy misses you so much.

  26. Sarah

    My sweet boy, Maverick, was put to rest two day ago on 3/29. He just turned 14 in February and he was thriving until a fast moving cancer in his spleen gave us no choice but to put him down peacefully. Our hearts are shattered. I find comfort in reading all your grief experiences, but my gosh is the grief and longing to have him back in my arms overwhelming. I have anxiety walking through the house because I know I won’t see him in all his favorite spots. I weep in his bed and hold his toys and blankets tight only wishing it was him I was hugging and burying my face into his fur. So far, he’s appeared in my dreams and my husband’s dreams once, and we had birds all fly up to our kitchen windows, which has never happened before. I would give anything to hug and kiss him again. A part of me died with him Monday and all I want is to wake up again and see him lying next to our bed. I hope the signs he gives to us never end. We miss you so much Maverick. Our world will never be the same without your sweet, gentle soul following us around everyday. We love you dearly and you will always be on our minds. Until we meet again sweet boy <3


    It has been so good to read these comments…our Pinky passed on Saturday and although she was losing a fight with cancer and kidney failure, she died from choking, and we are so upset over that. We would give anything to be with her for one more day. The best advice i could give anyone is to be PRESENT with your pets every day. There were so many wasted days where my husband and i were wrapped up in things that didnt matter..days where we should have just loved on our sweet girl while we had the chance.

  28. douglas

    I lost my beloved little girl from a heart attack in a sunshine saturday morning(2/23/2021). I went to the vet with her and she(the vet) told me to take her to the hospital with urgency. She was walking, I help her to get into the car and go to drive to the hospital. When we were on the way, she was barking to the sun as she did every time, I looked back and, this day, she was not barking to outside, to the other people or something like this, she was barking to the sun. I think that she knew what will happens 3 or 4 minutes later. She fell on the bench as she sometimes did, and I continued to talk with her. I had to reduce the velocity abruptly to avoid hitting a car that enter in front of me and she fall between the seats. I thought she was stuck between the seats and couldn’t get out. I stopped at the shoulder and went to help her. My little girl had gone. Since then it seems that things are no longer the same. She was my light, I miss her so much. It hurts so much, not being able to hug her at night, to call her to sleep, prepair her food, she is not waiting for me when I come home. I share your pain. One day, I believe, that God will allow that we met them again.

  29. Vivian

    My cat Silky passed away June 2019. I have her picture on top of the entertainment unit where she used to like to sit, along with two of her favourite toys. I talk to her and tell her how much I love and miss her and tell her she can play with them and bat them on the floor. I am still waiting

  30. Isaac La Caze

    My Tusk man passed a couple days ago. He was 14 years old. Golden Retriever, dumb as could be, but he was the best. I’m 16, we got him and his sister when my 14 year old sister was born. I have two sisters, and they have known those two since they were babies. I did see a Blue Jay after putting rocks on his grave the day he passed. I have yet to see two other signs to confirm it’s him. I believe that was one sin though.

  31. Betty

    We lost our little girl on 5-30-21. She was almost 17 and we have had her since she was 8 weeks old. She passed as I was holding her close to me. She looked at me and just sighed. She was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer only 8 days before. Koko only weighed 4 pounds and lost weight in those 8 days. I have been having a hard time dealing and accepting her passing. I cry constantly and have even tried to “bargain” with God to get her back. I can see her everywhere. I am hoping that she will be there for me someday. It has been said that your pets will be waiting to run to you in Heaven. I am hoping that is true. I am sure she’s there and rolling in the grass for the pure joy of it. This pain I am having is almost unbearable. My heart will ache until I am with her again.

  32. Rosie Finkel

    My Eddie passed away on May 30th…my beloved kitty, best friend, buddy and love. I am devastated…he was 100% mine. He never sat on anyone else’s lap, never rubbed against anyone else and was by my side always. He slept with me for almost 18 years until he fell ill on May 7th. He never fully recovered. I am broken. I have always had kitties and loved them all, but Ed was different, a little spirit I have known before. Five days later his older sister, Fannie (age 20) died in her sleep. Losing two kitties in 5 day is almost unbearable. Saturday…as I was sitting and staring out the window, a white butterfly drifted by…I walked outside and there was a feather…not another one anywhere…my “kids” are fine. They are only out of sight. If I didn’t believe this with all that I am…I could not bear this double loss.The oldest of my three kitties, Bella, is still with me, and she comforts me. She is over 20 and I know her time is limited…she is very frail. I also know she will be fine when she joins her friends. <3

  33. Kelly

    Hi there I just lost my cat Charlotte on Tuesday evening. I adopted her in February 2017 when she about 3 years old. So I only had her a little over 4 years. She was diagnosed with IBD in January and was on a steroid. She had good days and bad days where the issues would flare up but mostly she was doing much better. Then out of the blue on Sunday and Monday her appetite was basically gone and she was just laying in front of the litter box. I noticed her breathing was heavy too, kind of like she was panting. So I took her to the ER and they told me her red blood cell count was so low that if they didn’t do blood transfusions she would die soon. They also wanted to do a series of other tests and said based on her blood work and breathing, etc they don’t think the outcome would be good. My poor baby has suffered enough and has been poked and prodded many times since January. Plus it was getting to the point where I couldn’t afford it anymore. The blood transfusions alone would be $3500. I didn’t want to put a price tag on her life and believe me I’m really struggling with my decision. I keep wondering what if I went thru with the transfusions and the tests, maybe I wouldn’t have had to put her to rest. It’s killing me. The pain is unbearable. I’m so sad and missing her like crazy. I can’t stop crying. I live alone and the house is so quiet and empty. I hope she can forgive me for the decision I made. Hardest decision of my life. I had very little time to prepare for this and I’m still in shock. I’d give anything to bring her back. I feel so badly for all she went through at a young age. It doesn’t feel fair. She was the most loving and gentle kitty. She was first pet. I keep begging God to send me a sign from her. This is the worst pain I ever felt and again, no time to prepare so I’m questioning everything. I’m worried that I’ll never get over this. She was the best and brought so much joy. I’m beyond heart broken and devastated. Holding her in my arms while the doctor put her to sleep will forever be in my memory. I hope time lessens the pain and guilt. Never did I know the impact an animal could have on my life. Rest easy baby girl and I hope you’re playing on the Rainbow Bridge. I’ll never forget you!!

  34. Karen

    I feel everyone’s grief. I”m still hurting from my wonderful lab. pitbull. Her name is Girly, she was smart, over protective, especially w/my nephew’s, she also do tricks, like when I would take her for a walk, she would roll over, she’ll do it couple times while walking. I told her u belong in a circus. I had to put her down, she needed surgery. Cause of her age n what she had, it wasn’t a guarantee she’ll make it. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. It bothers me all the time, n I just break down n cry. Some days I’m fine and not. I was w/her when she was put down. It was July 21, 2021 at about 2:45. I stayed w/ her hoping she’ll come back. I wanted to share this. I slept outside,(patio) where my Girly sleeps, I was always next to her, she needed 24/7 watch. She couldn’t walk, but she’ll try to drag herself to do her thing. I always carried her out. Well anyways, that evening I heard her drinking water. I told my nephew, I think I’m losing my mind. I told my sister the same thing, n she thought I had Girly’s brother w/me. I said no. Girly gulps her water, loud. Another time I heard her chewing rocks, of course, I scold her. That’s what killed her. I miss her n I’m not crazy. I still mourn over her. Right now I’m trying to b strong for her brother (Theo). I think he knows she’s gone, He wasn’t himself the first few days. He does things he don’t do, but his sister does. I even ask God to take me instead of my Girly. Thanks for letting me vent all my feelings out.

  35. Andrea

    I lost my Molly on August 1st, after driving from the cottage to the nearest hospital which was almost 2hrs away. She passed away just before we got there. They tried CPR but she would not come back. I now sit and wait, crying, until I can pick up her ashes and bring her back home. I have never experienced such heartache and I hope all of you find comfort in your loved ones memories.

  36. srrenaissance

    Andrea, when we lost our Sprocket in 2017, my children and I all felt as if we had been hit by a semi truck. We loved him that much. Your pain will lessen.

    We adopted another dog that was the same breed mix as Sprocket right away. For us, the joy of the new dog helped blunt the pain of our loss. We believe that sprocket understands our decision.

  37. Diane

    I lost one of my fur babies yesterday..I walked back from the vets on one of the paths I frequently used. I found a plastic heart and today I saw literally 20 dragonflies and felt it was a message that my departed pet was happy

  38. Silvana

    We lost my beloved Moose on Sunday, September 5, 2021. We miss him so dearly. He was 11 years old (shy of one month). He was so energetic, full of life, allowed to be petted and would let you know when he’s had enough. Most of all, just very talkative and affectionate towards my mother and husband. He was like my mother’s little shadow. Suddenly he passed on at the ER vet with cardiac arrest. Just so strange! He was his normal self that same morning. My mother felt his purr next to her face on the same day he passed, and he also visited her in her dream. In her dream, he jumped into her arms, mine ,and a little girl (which is believed to be my younger female cat). I wish i could see him in my dreams. But on the same day he passed, i was out walking my dog when i looked up at my mom’s bedroom window- i believe i saw his reflection on the window- only the blinds were down. He was just looking down at the pool and grass. Perhaps i was imaging it? I just miss him dearly, since i picked him up from under a FedEx truck in 20 degree weather. He was my little baby and my first child. I know it will take time to move on, but for now it just really hurts. Most of all, it pains me to see my mother be so sad. He loved watching her eat and follow her everywhere. I look forward to bringing him home soon.

  39. brock a davisson

    I lost my baby girl Gizmo (she was a cat) on 9/9/2021 due to pancreatitis, diabetic etc.. She became a diabetic 2 1/2 years ago and I’ve been giving her insulin twice a day since. She just turned 16 yrs old last week and then died a week later. I cry every day, several times a day and it hurts. It helps to get out of my apartment but i can’t do that all the time. The constant reminders of her being in here hurts so much. She was by me for 16 yrs. She had several spots to sleep. My bed, on her table by window and floor by table on her rug etc.. I keep looking at those all the time hoping she is there again. I haven’t ate much in the past few days. Don’t feel like doing anything. I keep thinking of maybe adopting a new baby but i feel so guilty over that. It would never replace gizmo, but I miss something being here with me. It’ll have it’s own character and personality and never be anything the same as gizmo but i think it may help me to love it and it love me and form another special bond? If i could get gizmo back then that is all I’d really want but I know that isn’t possible. I went to sleep last night and i thought i felt her feet at bottom of my bed and also thought I heard her water bowl move in kitchen as she used to love playing with her water and moving bowl. I wish she knew I loved her so much and tried everything. I wish she’d come visit me all the time. I’m waiting for her.

  40. Jessica Wong

    Tuesday morning 9/14/2021 she jumped into my bed and asked for caresses. She passed ta home on Friday night 9/17/2021. Many people have said that losing a pet can be harder than losing a family member, especially if the bonds are so strong. Going through the grief alone is hard, I feel like part of me has disappeared, and I have no reason to go home. My home is quiet, and I can’t hear the collar bell around the apartment anymore, the barking that she tried to protect me from whoever open the downstairs door is gone.

    Princess Lily’s been everything to me for the past ten years + , she’s seen my ups and downs, and she’s always loved me unconditionally. It’s a loss I’ve never felt in my life, and I don’t know how to deal with it yet. What is going to happen? Everywhere I looked, I still see memories of her wanting to eat, following me, playing her toy, etc. I feel that this change me in a way that I could not see the end where I am completely lost.

  41. KR

    We put our cat to sleep on 8.18.21 after she showed symptoms of respiratory distress – she ended up being diagnosed with spleen cancer and internal bleeding. She was a street cat/stray so we don’t know for certain how old she was (but we’re guessing around 14 or 15). I’ve always disliked cats, but this cat was determined to make her mark and I’m still finding myself looking for her throughout the day. I really miss her.

  42. Aine Walsh

    My beautiful Great Dane, Meka passed away this morning some time between 3:00 and 4:00. She was in end stage renal failure and her final two days were incredibly painful to watch. She couldn’t stand, walk, eat or even drink. I tell myself she’s no longer in pain, but it doesn’t lessen the heartache. I miss her so very much. She was 10 years old and I got her for my 30th birthday. I spent a 1/4 of my life with her. I don’t know how to move on without her. I keeping praying and begging for a sign that she is okay. Every night she would bark softly in my face to wake me up to cover her with the blanket. I miss that so much. If anyone has any advice to get through this terrible pain, please let me know.

  43. Sarah Dickerson

    Hi Aine, I’m so sorry for your loss. I had to say goodbye to my 14 yr old dog in March this year. He was with me his entire life, too. I can tell you that the first couple of weeks are the most painful because the only thing that could make you feel better is to have her back. My advice for you is when the tears come up, just let them out. I hugged my dog’s blanket and toys for awhile, which does bring some comfort. However, I know the hardest part is we just want them back. I ordered a couple books about signs from our pets in the afterlife, and pets in heaven if that helps you. They did bring some comfort. When I was able to leave the house again (it took about a week before I could control my tears until I got home), I went to the park and read one of those books. I imagined my dog with me laying in the sunshine as I read. Also, as we find a peaceful state of mind again, and I promise you will, that is when you’ll start to feel and see more signs from your Meka. What I can tell you is part of your heart will always feel like it left you because it did. It’s been almost 6 months since my dog passed and I wish I could just hold him and kiss him again. But just know, that when it’s your time to move on from this earth, your Meka will be waiting right there to greet you and never leave your side again. I also put photos of my dog everywhere – where his bed was, right across from my bed so I see him the moment I wake up. I hope these words bring you a little comfort. I know nothing can soothe your pain right now, but just know you are not alone. Even though you can’t see her anymore, she’s still right by your side in spirit always watching over you. I wish you all the peace, comfort and love during this very hard time, Aine. And, remember take all the time you need to heal, and try to do little things that can help make you feel more comfortable at home. Take your time <333

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