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5 ways to connect with your lost loved ones on your wedding day

connecting with lost loved ones on your wedding day
Photo by Alyssa Donaldson

People often say that your wedding day will be the happiest day of your life. It’s true! Our wedding day was everything we could have imagined and more. We were blessed to have our closest friends and dearest family members there to witness and celebrate our love. As you start planning, you may want to commemorate your lost loved ones on your wedding day. Here are some of the little touches that made our day extra special.

1. Re-creation photo

Re-creation photos are a beautiful way to preserve and revive memories. My Granny passed away in 2009 and my family misses her dearly. She had a caring soul and was known to be quite the character (and often the life of the party!). On the lead up to our big day, we knew Granny would have loved to be there to celebrate and laugh with everyone into the early hours of the morning. Throughout my life, there has been a photo circulating through my family of Granny on her wedding day, and I knew I had to recreate it. The photo was taken in a flash and at that moment I knew how special it would be to have this photo. When we received the photos, it meant so much to us! Although Granny was never able to see my wedding day, I will treasure this moment in time with her forever.

recreation wedding photo
Photo by Alyssa Donaldson

2. Lighting a remembrance candle

We light candles in our homes to bring comfort and warmth. We also light candles in memory of those no longer with us for the same reason. At the start of our ceremony, we had a moment of silence as the Maid of Honour lit a candle in remembrance of those not present. The flickering of the flame symbolized their presence watching over us as we embarked on the next part of this journey. The candle was blue; representing the peace and healing we wish upon those in the other world.

remembrance candle lighting
Photo by Alyssa Donaldson

3. Personalized bouquet charm

The 8 years my now-husband and I have known each other, we have experienced both good and bad times. On our wedding day, we vowed to continue to be by each other’s side through it all. One thing we have learned over the years is that whenever things are hard, just remember that love will always bring you home. This personalized bouquet charm was a reminder of the hardship, grief, and loss we have experienced and a reminder that we can conquer with our unconditional love for one and other.

personalized bouquet charm
Photo by Alyssa Donaldson

4. Table place cards

When deciding on our place cards we were struggling with creating a design that truly fit with our day. Our wedding day was relaxed, intimate, and in a garden setting. We started thinking about flowers then realized that each of our lost loved ones has a flower that we always remember them by. A number of flowers were selected and placed on the cards as our way of remembering them, to have them as part of the conversations and joyful laughter shared during dinner.

wedding meal place setting
Photo by Alyssa Donaldson

5. Message from Heaven

This was a surprise that took me completely off guard. During the speeches, my aunt delivered a message from Granda and Betty (Granda’s wife). My Granda passed away in 2014 and his death took a toll on our whole family. Betty was unable to make it to the wedding but sent a message from both her and Granda; how they wished they were able to make it and how proud they both are of us. As my aunt started to talk I was in tears as I felt their presence in the room. Afterwards I hugged my aunt. When I wrapped my arms around her, I felt like I was hugging Granda. It was one of the longest hugs of my life, one that I never wanted to end. I will treasure that moment for the rest of my life. A true blessing.

hugging after hearing a message from Heaven
Photo by Alyssa Donaldson

I didn’t realize how emotional things would get on my wedding day. We loved our day, as it was special in every way to us and that’s what matters. When you are planning your big day; plan it for you two, not for anyone else. Dedicate moments to those you wish were there in the ways you see fit and don’t forget to treasure every moment of that day.

couple on their wedding day
Photo by Alyssa Donaldson

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