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How I created a memorial necklace to help my heart and mind through grief

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Losing your pet or loved one is one of the hardest things you can deal with in your life. Your heart and mind are left aching for days, months, and even the years to follow. Losing them turns your world upside down and leaves you with the inability to focus on daily tasks. How are you supposed to cope with their loss and accept what has happened? Preserving their hair and/or ashes in a piece of jewelry can help keep them close by while you embark on your healing journey.

Let me tell you about a piece I created called Heart & Mind,


After dealing with a year of multiple losses I felt disconnected from myself and the world around me. My grief journey to this point was taking a toll on my heart as well as my mind. I felt numb and didn’t feel like I could function properly. I cried most of the time but then realized that that was okay. Crying helped; it helped me feel human. Each time I cried, I felt like I was able to manage my day a little bit more than before. Crying has many benefits and is a natural way for your body to release hormones to help center yourself and create balance throughout your body again. With my mind feeling clearer, I noticed my heart didn’t ache as much as before. Don’t get me wrong, I still hurt and miss them every day. Everyone is different; crying helps some people and not others. It’s about finding a way to release your emotions that works for you. At this point, I needed to create a way to stay grounded and connect with myself during this process – a way to feel connected to those I will never see again and miss very much.


Preserving your pet or loved one’s hair and ashes in a piece of jewelry creates an opportunity for healing and connection. The shape of the pendant is inspired by a teardrop, representing all those tears shed through grief and loss. An elegant shape reminding us that crying is not a weakness but a benefit to our body and mind. The hair fills the majority of the piece representing all the memories we treasure. The line that travels from top to bottom is the bloodline of the whole piece. This line keeps us connected from top to bottom, through heart and mind. The line is filled with your loved one’s ashes, which channels them in their present form. This piece not only holds the memory of your loved one but also their life that will help keep you grounded in heart and mind, through all of the tears.

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Loss is often accompanied by a feeling of emptiness and loneliness. Having a tangible piece that preserves their hair and ashes will provide your heart with comfort knowing that they are always nearby. This will give you the opportunity to continue their beautiful life through this unique and original piece.

Ease the pain of loss with your own custom keepsake solely dedicated to your loved one. Continue life with them, just in a different and unique way. Send me a message with your ideas, including some memories you would like incorporated into the design.

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