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How I Made A Piece Of Art From My Pet’s Paw Print

custom paw print art

Do you obsess over your pet? Yep, I do! As a matter of fact, I obsess about how perfect my pets are in every way possible. For me, I love my dog’s little paws (she’s a dachshund called Sadie). They fit perfectly in the palm of my hand and I often find myself holding her paw when I’m relaxing on the couch and she’s sleeping next to me. For some reason, her paw brings me a great sense of comfort.

I decided to turn my love for my girl, Sadie, into an embroidery piece customized with her paw print. Inside the paw print was filled with a floral arrangement. And today, I’m sharing the embroidery with you for you to display proudly in your home as well.

Steps to have a custom paw print piece created

  1. Take a photo of your pet’s paw, or a photo of their paw impression (in ink, clay, etc). Need help? Check out this post explaining how to get your pet’s paw print.
  1. Select the color palette for the floral arrangement that will be inside the paw print. This selection could be based off your favorite color palette, a color palette to fit your home decor, or one that reminds you of your pet.
floral color palette
floral color palette
  1. Select your choice of fabric (other fabric colors may be available for an additional fee).
fabric samples
  1. Whenever you are ready, you can place your order through Comfort Connects and Rebecca will have your piece made by hand in less than 2 weeks.

Other things to note:

  • You can attach the photo of the paw or paw impression at checkout or email it to
  • If you have a preference for other colors not listed in the color palette selection, send us a message!
  • You may add a name below the paw if you prefer for an additional fee.

These are the simple steps to take to have a custom paw print embroidery piece ready for you to proudly display in your home. If you consider having a piece created to honor your beloved pet, I hope that my examples inspire you.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

~ Rebecca

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