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How my dog left paw prints on my heart

my dog left paw print on my heart

We have all experienced unconditional love from an animal – be it a dog, hamster, or anything in between. This love can change your life forever. Our connections to our pets are more than just a physical one; this connection affects all aspects of our lives—including your heart and soul.

“You left paw prints on my heart”

You’ve probably heard this saying before, but what does it really mean? This saying is often used after an animal passes away. It implies that the bond and memories that you have with them will always remain on your heart. We believe that your pet leaves their paw prints on you from those first moments together and not just after they pass. Imagine that every moment we experience with our pets as a paw print on your heart. This endless love for your pet with always be a part of you on a spiritual level while they are on this Earth and after they have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Many people need more than a reminder of this spiritual love to work through the grief they experience after the loss of their beloved pet. Memorials are one way of making their love persist beyond their time here on earth. Physical reminders are an action we can take to work through our grief and pay tribute to our pets. Their paw print is a symbol for everything from a special bond to love, joy, tears, and heartache. Carrying their paw print is a symbol of your pet and all that you shared with them.

“When I needed a hand, I found your paw”

Often you need their paw the most to get you through extreme heartache and grief. Spiritually, their paw prints will always be on your heart. With a selection of our paw print products, you can now physically carry their paw print with you everywhere you go. These products are created custom to your pet’s actual paw print. With this product, you can hold their paw anytime you like. The 3D design lets you feel their toes nails again. You can choose to have their paw print recreated to actual size or a scaled down version.

Life is about experiences, ones that fulfill your hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, our pets cannot always be with us for these moments. This product is a tangible reminder of your pet’s love; once more you can venture to incredible places and experiences together. This can be a beautiful way to experience things with your pet when you are not able to have them right there with you. Now you can carry them in your heart and physically with you, knowing that they are here to comfort you during this difficult time as you work through your grief.

3 easy steps to remain physically close to your pet

  1. Choose the keepsake that speaks most to you (see below)
  2. Decide if you want to preserve their hair or ashes in the paw print as well
  3. Send Rebecca a photo of their paw, a photo of an ink paw impression, or a photo of a clay impression of their paw
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