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How my grief dream taught me patience

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Grief dreams are something that some people experience and others may never experience. If you have never experienced a dream of a lost loved one or pet before I encourage you to check out the Grief Dreams Podcast where dreams are shared and grief is discussed. After meeting Dr. Joshua Black at a conference in 2018, I have listened to other’s dreams and engaged in a lot more discussion surrounding grief because of these dreams myself and others have experienced.

I was honored to have the opportunity to talk with Dr. Black and Shawn Ram on the Grief Dreams Podcast twice now. The first time I discussed immigration grief as a teenager, how I started my memorial jewelry business, and of course my grief dream. In that dream, I had a visit from my Granda and spoke some powerful words that I carry with me daily. Since then I experienced a not-so-comforting visit from my Granda in a dream, which forced me into a more manageable, healthier lifestyle.

I encourage you to check out my latest episode on the Grief Dreams Podcast and I’ve love to know if you have experienced a dream yourself. If not, keep hoping for that dream.

In this episode

0:00 | Intro to the Grief Dreams Podcast
0:54 | Intro to Rebecca MacDonald (keepsake artist)
2:07 | Reflection on first grief dream 
3:18 | Business name change and direction the business is going 
8:08 | Stories of temporary moving due to the Covid-19 pandemic  
13:55 | Mental health and grief recovery during a global crisis 
15:53 | Intro to grief in relation to the ocean
16:58 | Dr. Black's dream to live by the water
17:20 | Reflection on Granda's 6th death anniversary
18:45 | Discussion on grief in relation to the ocean
19:40 | Stories about a calming experience and learning to just be still
23:05 | More stories about Covid-19 pandemic experience
26:50 | Changes in pet loss industry due to Covid-19
29:25 | Story of Granda visiting in a grief dream
30:54 | Reflection of what happened after the grief dream
31:53 | Discussing lessons on patience
33:35 | Story of back injury after experiencing grief dream
35:20 | Story of introduction to a yoga patience to help slowing the body down
38:29 | Discussing grief dreams with family members and friends
39:50 | Discussing touch and smell visitation instead of visual in dreams
40:58 | Discussion on the power of dreams
42:28 | Reflecting on the journey of grief
44:20 | If you could have any dream tonight, what would you want it to be?
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People and companies mentioned in this episode

  • Dr. Joshua Black and Shawn Ram are the hosts of the Grief Dreams Podcast.
  • Rebecca MacDonald is the guest and owner of Comfort Connects – Keepsakes & Grief Support (formerly known as Craft Love Craft Life) and hand embroidery patterns available at
  • For more information on grief dreams and the Grief Dreams Podcast, check out, their social media sites, and to donate to the podcast.

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Listen to my first episode on the Grief Dreams Podcast below

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