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How to choose a memorial keepsake that is right for you

how to choose a memorial keepsake

Grief is extremely hard and learning to live with grief can be really challenging. Making decisions when you are grieving can be hard as well. We believe that making a decision that will help you cope with your loss shouldn’t be hard on you especially during this time. We have created a quiz for you to take to see which memorial keepsake is best suited for you. This may be a starting point for your keepsake search or it might be exactly what you are looking for.

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  1. Megan

    Thank you for creating and providing this site, resources, insight, and personalized remembrances. I am so happy I came across this. I have been severely struggling with grief after loosing my cat. We are extremely close and connected and have been through everything together over the past 22 years. It’s been so hard and your articles have given me a little hope in handling everything. I’m also really appreciate that you provide such unique and meaningful gifts as a way we can always keep reminded and close to them. So important, needed, and truly admiral. Thank you!

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