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How to commission a pet portrait

Portraits are a beautiful way to pay tribute to that bond you have with a special animal. They can also be a gift for a pet lover in your life. These portraits capture a moment in time with each pencil marking coming together to create a timeless piece of art that will be treasured in the years to come. A whole lot of pride and love that goes into each portrait. Primarily working as a memorial jewelry artist, I work with clients to preserve the hair and/ashes of their pets in a tangible way. Preserving the animal’s personality through a hand-drawn portrait is a great honor.

Once you’ve decided that you want to commission a pet portrait, below are some things to expect.

Photo consultation via email

Photos are easily the most important part of any good portrait. These photos are used as a base in creating your piece. Send me photos that capture the animal’s personality. What makes a good reference photo? Natural light and focus are key! If you are looking through your photos and they don’t seem to be reference quality, snap a few new pictures. If the pet has passed, send me the highest quality photos you have for me to work with. Maybe you aren’t sure if the photo will work for the portrait, but there is something that you absolutely love about it – send it to me and I can work something out for you. With whatever pictures are sent to me, I will advise on which one will work best for the main reference.

Your ideas for the portrait

In your initial email with the reference photos, be sure to let me know if you have any ideas for the portrait. This should include whether you would like just a head portrait, or head and neck portrait. Due to the style of portrait I work in, I do not draw the bodies. If you would like a border, flowers, or any other symbolic items included in the portrait, please let me know.

With the information you provide, I can create a digital mock-up using Photoshop. This will give you an idea of what your portrait would look like when it is completed. At this point, I am able to add details or take away things, such as collar tags.

pet memorial portrait

Pricing, payments plans, and deadlines

Please note that I do not work on the portraits full time as I have many other projects going on. These portraits can take approximately 4 – 6 weeks to complete – keep this in mind for when you are ordering. For example, if you have located in the US and you need the portrait for a certain date – work backward. Allow time for shipping (4 – 7 business days) plus 4 – 6 weeks for the portrait to figure out the date you need to order by.

The starting price for the custom pet portrait is listed in the product listing above. Any additional pets or any decorative items in the portrait will increase the price. You can request a quote via email consultation. Payments are made via PayPal or e-transfer (Canadian orders only).

Below are the current payment options:

1) pay the full commission amount upfront

2) 50% upon ordering and the remaining 50% before shipping

3) 25% down payment, then 25% recurring payments every two weeks

If none of these payment options work, please contact me to work something out. Of course, if you have any other questions about commissioning a pet portrait, don’t hesitate to contact me.

~ Rebecca

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What clients have said about their portraits

I loved the portrait Rebecca did of my dog Poppy. I received the portrait as a gift after my dog passed and I started crying as soon as I saw it. Rebecca worked so hard to capture my dog in her happiest days and she did an amazing job. She is so talented and she cares so much about every piece she makes. Thank you so much!

Bronwyn S.

The beautiful portrait Rebecca has done for me warms my heart, it brings light back into his eyes and brings to life all my cherished memories of my beautiful horse. I can’t thank her enough for bringing my vision and Bomber to life again.

Veronicalee A.

This portrait so purrfect! I couldn’t believe the amount of detail that Rebecca was able to put in on his very fluffy face. I’ve received so many compliments from friends and family over it! The time it took to get the portrait was quick and I receive multiple updates throughout the process. It’s definitely my favourite piece of art in my home!

Jaycee B.

When our Boston passed away we were heartbroken. The picture Rebecca used is my favourite picture of the dogs and incorporated the flowers and fire hydrant so well. The detail was incredible and it was finished in perfect time for my surprise birthday present. Rebecca was very discreet in arranging the portrait with my husband as she knew it was a surprise for me. Couldn’t be happier with work!

Nicole B.

Rebecca did an amazing job capturing the character of my dog Sadie with this custom portrait! The portrait is now a permanent fixture on my desk and is sure to be a conversation starter for a long time to come. I was floored by her ability to take a normal photo of my dog and add elements of a pirate costume into it as if they were always there. I love the final product and would not hesitate to order another custom portrait from her!

Tom M.

I am over the moon with the results, you captured Poppy’s joyful and happy face during one of her last rides in her car. The detail you went into was unbelievable. Giving this portrait as a gift was exactly as I expected, it touched the family so much and they can now look at their beloved dog at her smiling best. Thank you so much for the efficiency of the delivery and once again the love and detail you expressed through your talent of drawing. Thank you!!

Alex E.

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