Letter from Heaven (Dog)

Letter from Heaven (Dog)

* Written by Charlie Ewing during her Internship at Comfort Connects

girl and dog playing in sunset

Letter from Heaven

It’s me. I know you’re finding it difficult to deal without me, but I’m still around. Remember when my collar fell from the hook yesterday? That was me. I was hoping you would go for a walk outside or something, but you didn’t. I miss seeing you smile. You used to have such a bright one, but it hasn’t shown lately. Please smile again.

Yesterday I saw that you packed up all my toys and placed them in a box; that’s okay. I have plenty of toys up here to play with now. I still kiss your cheeks in the morning, my little nose is probably still cold to your touch. When you sit for your morning coffee, I sit and beg for food at your knee. I know you leave some scrapings down for me still. You got angry when the neighbors dog played with my favourite stick, but that’s because he can see me and we were playing in the yard and we didn’t mean any harm.

It seems as though the people you work with don’t understand the pain you feel. This makes you think that your sadness isn’t valid. It is. Just because I was a pet, doesn’t mean I don’t have a large impact on your life like a human would. Feel your feelings and don’t hold them back from anyone, especially yourself. Talk about me. Remember all the silly things I used to do, like lifting one ear up at the strange sight of my own reflection in your bedroom mirror. Think of all the car rides and walks we took together. Remember all the times when you would have to force my butt outside in the rain to go and pee, and then the big muddy mess my paws would drag in. Think of all the different ways you used to try and sweet talk that I was either visiting the vet, or getting groomed; you know how much I disliked those trips. Most importantly, I want you to remember how much I loved you and that I always will. Thank you for all the treats, head scratches, cuddles and kisses. It’s time that I become your angel now instead.

~ So much love from the other side of the rainbow, your best friend.

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letter from heaven

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