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Letter from Heaven (Dog)

* Written by Charlie Ewing during her Internship at Comfort Connects

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Letter from Heaven

It’s me. I know you’re finding it difficult to deal without me, but I’m still around. Remember when my collar fell from the hook yesterday? That was me. I was hoping you would go for a walk outside or something, but you didn’t. I miss seeing you smile. You used to have such a bright one, but it hasn’t shown lately. Please smile again.

Yesterday I saw that you packed up all my toys and placed them in a box; that’s okay. I have plenty of toys up here to play with now. I still kiss your cheeks in the morning, my little nose is probably still cold to your touch. When you sit for your morning coffee, I sit and beg for food at your knee. I know you leave some scrapings down for me still. You got angry when the neighbors dog played with my favourite stick, but that’s because he can see me and we were playing in the yard and we didn’t mean any harm.

It seems as though the people you work with don’t understand the pain you feel. This makes you think that your sadness isn’t valid. It is. Just because I was a pet, doesn’t mean I don’t have a large impact on your life like a human would. Feel your feelings and don’t hold them back from anyone, especially yourself. Talk about me. Remember all the silly things I used to do, like lifting one ear up at the strange sight of my own reflection in your bedroom mirror. Think of all the car rides and walks we took together. Remember all the times when you would have to force my butt outside in the rain to go and pee, and then the big muddy mess my paws would drag in. Think of all the different ways you used to try and sweet talk that I was either visiting the vet, or getting groomed; you know how much I disliked those trips. Most importantly, I want you to remember how much I loved you and that I always will. Thank you for all the treats, head scratches, cuddles and kisses. It’s time that I become your angel now instead.

~ So much love from the other side of the rainbow, your best friend.

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This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Lynn Crawford

    The love of my life passed a year ago today. I’m still just heartbroken & am so lost without her. It was meant for me to find this post. Thank you so much.

  2. Betty

    It’s been 9 months since my beautiful boy passed away and I miss him so much. Life is just not the same without him.

  3. Mary Fotchuk

    I lost my little Ben two weeks ago. Thanks for the beautiful letter. I cry but I know he is in heaven.. What would heaven be wiithout our pets?

  4. tom ambrosia

    I lost my 21 yr old Chocolate and her brother Albert (chi mix) in April and May and now their sister Noel is going to join them soon. It is so hard but at least my love of 38 yrs is there to greet them. That leaves 7 boys and girls from 22 to 6 left and when they are gone so am I. To all who love their pets and all of HIS animals of the land air and seas. Know that we will all be reunited one day, even Pope Frankie has said that. God Bless and Be Well and remember tho you have a big hole in your heart, there are so many animals that need your help. PLEASE help them. PAX+

  5. Brian Wigen

    I just lost my Kodah one week ago tomorrow. His health was bad from birth, but got to spend nearly 9 years with him. I know I should be thankful for the time I got to spend with him. He was my first dog loss. It hurts so bad.

  6. David Locklear

    I lost my baby Sugar a miniature schnauzer , February 02, 2022 she was 10.5 years old, she was my baby, I am so heartbroken and lost.

  7. Tim

    Lost my pittie last April. Life hasn’t been the same. She was my best friend. My pride and joy. Sucks when you have to make the call to end your best friends life. Hard to live with myself since.

  8. Danuta Strebly

    We lost our Precious 13yr old Meika March 26th thinking she could make it through the weekend sadly she told us it’s time to go and join her sister Molly whom left her side 3 1/2 yrs earlier. Our hearts are heavy and much too quiet in our home. They both brought us so much Joy and laughter! Will my heavy heart ever heal…grief is tough my furry angels! Love Your Mom & Dad

  9. RENEE

    I lost my beautiful dog Arlo today. He was a rescue dog from Texas, had heartworms and onto of that was diagnosed with megaesophagus. He was alittle over 3 years, and arrived to me on March 7th. Such a sweet boy. I am grieving so hard. I am laying in his bed thinking any moment he is going to join me. He had stopped eating due to his disease, stopped really drinking water, but would still want to go for a walk. He was declining but I couldn’t let go. I slept on the bathroom floor to comfort him. Today I had to make that decision. I am sleeping with his blanket because it has his smell. I miss and love him more than words can express. I hope he comes back in my dreams. It feels weird he’s not here.

  10. Rebecca Brasseale

    I lost my best friend Duke a 13 year old cane corso a month ago today. I rescued him but if I’m telling the truth he rescued me. He taught me unconditional love. I don’t think my life will ever be the same without him. I foster dogs and have one now that I love so much and he is so attached to me but I feel guilty for loving him. I can’t move Dukes bed or his bowl and if anyone else tries to I absolutely fall apart. I know I will see him again one day it’s just hard living without him until then.

  11. Terry

    My best friend Meeko passed suddenly a week ago and I am devastated.

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