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3 ways memorial ornaments can help you during the holidays

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The holidays are a time of giving and sharing. A time filled with so much love and tradition. This tradition and time of being together may or may not be for religious reasons. The holidays are a way to bring our loved ones closer than they have been throughout the year. Any holiday can be an extremely difficult time without your departed loved one. These difficult times are part of the grieving journey. They help you see life from a different perspective and are a chance to remember your beloved with family support nearby.

1. Ornaments capture traditions and memories

Whether your family is big or small, or have 4 paws, they are always there during the important times. The holidays have a way of making us feel like we are part of something. Traditions are made and with each year that goes by, some traditions may be kept and some may be left behind. Year after year, everyone around us, including yourself, is getting older. The holidays are a reminder that we need to treasure these moments we share together. We need to embrace each other and the time we share.

The Christmas tree is a time capsule of moments and memories from the years gone by. The tree brings us together to decorate and light up our rooms each year. The tree holds ornaments made by our children and purchased or gifted by family. We look upon the tree decorations and ornaments each year and cherish the memories surrounding it. The Christmas tree acts as a tree of life: it provides comfort, shares memories, all while lighting up our world.

2. Ornaments allow you to feel during the holidays

The holiday experience is different for everyone, especially those that are grieving. Are you expected to act like everything is ok? No. Grief does not take a holiday, and if you feel sad, that is okay. Don’t push yourself during the holiday period, only do what you are comfortable with. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate the holidays. Just think, what would your beloved like you to do. It is known that giving and sharing is a comforting activity to do especially when grieving. Whether this is through gifts, love, being present, or sharing stories and memories. Any activity during the holidays will bring up feelings of happiness or sadness. These feelings could lead to laughter or tears but remember, feelings are what make us human.

3. Ornaments are a way to keep your loved ones close

Moments and memories become a focus during the holidays. Make sure to focus on the warmth of the memory. Remember the good times. Remember the times that make you smile and appreciate the times you had together. Doing this may be easier said than done. But take it one small step at a time. Process in your grieving journey is one small step after another.

Adding memorial ornaments to your Christmas tree is a way to have your departed loved ones nearby and in the midst of the holiday gatherings. Ornaments capture a moment and preserve it for a lifetime. Each year that goes by is an opportunity for you to reflect on how you live, your grieving journey, and a chance to remember. Allow your loved ones to add light to your life even after they are gone.

Observe the beauty that your Christmas tree holds with your memorial ornaments shining through. This will send a smile to your face and warmth to your heart knowing that they are nearby and are remembered dearly. Have your loved one or pet’s hair or cremated remains preserved in a memorial ornament for this holiday season and many more to come.

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