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7 benefits of owning a pet

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Having a pet means having a companion by your side that benefits you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Life can get really busy and stressful at times, but your pet has a way of bringing you back to what is important: comfort, food, and love.

Animals have a special place in our heart and our homes would not be the same without them. Ever wonder why they are such a huge part of our lives? Here are 7 benefits of owning a pet!

1. Improves your physical health

Research shows that people with a pet have lower blood pressure and an improved immune system. They can also sense signs of health concerns developing before you can.

2. Improves your mental health

Pets are like having our own personal therapy animal as they can help decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. Taking care of them can provide a healthy routine for you both. Oxytocin is a hormone that is released through cuddles that are known as the happy hormone and can instantly change your mood. Pets are great for giving you a boost when you need it the most – they think and know you are a star in their eyes.

3. Helps you socialize with other people

Whether you are out walking your dog or on social media looking at cute pictures of other animals. You are more likely to interact with others. The pet community is growing like crazy in person and online with the introduction of dog and cat cafes, and endless pet profiles online.

4. Keeps you active

Are you having trouble getting out of bed? No need to worry when you have a pet. They will get you out of bed in the morning or kick you in the middle of the night for more bed. Seriously though, pets are great for keeping you active, whether it be going outside for fresh air or chasing your cat around the house. They get you moving.

5. Provides a sense of protection

Feeling their warm cuddles gives a sense of protection and knowledge that they would do anything for you. Even if they bark at the cheese wrapper, you know they have got your back. Animals are very loyal and will always be by your side.

6. They just get you

Animals have a way of gauging your emotions better than most people do. They understand emotions on a different level. They know the best times to give you those extra cuddles when you need them the most. Your pet will become your best friend and biggest supporter.

7. Provides endless entertainment

Each pet, big and small, has a very unique personality, and over time you will learn so much more about them. Pets provide you with endless entertainment by expressing their extraordinary personality. Their personality will make you smile from ear to ear while warming your heart with love.

Pets are an awesome companion and as you can see there are many benefits in sharing your life with them. Give back to your pet and create new memories that will last a lifetime. Download our pet celebration checklist and be sure to tag us on Instagram if you have an awesome pet and let us see the activities you get up to with them.

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  1. Luke Smith

    It’s great that you talked about how pets are great for giving you a boost when you need it the most. It seems my wife has been quite lonely with just staying in the house while I am working, so I am thinking of buying a pet for her. Aside from that, I should also get some pet items, like a solid taupe pet blanket, since its about to get colder.

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