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Pet Tribute: Beau

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My sweet Beau was a member of our family for over 14 years and certainly lived up to the characteristics of a golden retriever:  loyal, compassionate, loving and devoted.  My husband trained Beau so well, always a well-behaved and talented dog.  I lost my dear husband 2 years ago and about a year later I dreamed he told me to get a puppy and name him Hank!  I wrestled with how a new puppy would make Beau feel, knowing he was getting older and needed extra love and attention from me.  After about 6 months I decided to get a puppy, but I named him Henry!  Beau came to life with this new puppy, trained Henry on how to be a good dog and showed him the ropes to be a part of our family. 

Losing Beau was the hardest thing I went through this year.  His last few minutes with me he took me for a walk around the veterinarian’s office and I understood it was his way of saying goodbye to me.

I sent Rebecca some of Beau’s hair and she made the most beautiful tribute for not only me but my entire family, everyone who loved Beau.  It will proudly be displayed front and center on my Christmas tree every year and he will remain in my heart always.

Teressa | OH, USA

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