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Pet Tribute: Chase

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Chase was my 14-year-old “fluffy puppy” that I insisted on adopting as soon as I laid eyes on her. She was a mix of labrador retriever and border collie, and her personality was a fun mix of both breeds. She was full of love, incredibly sweet, my protector, full of strength, loved the water, and could always be counted on for a bit of mischief. As she got older arthritis began to take over her body, but she never complained and she loved going to hydrotherapy.

Unfortunately, Chase was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and it was too much for her body to handle. I held her in my arms when she took her last breathe and I knew I had lost my best friend. My heart was broken. A friend suggested that I have a piece of jewelry made from her ashes. I had never heard of such a thing and wanted more information. The first website I found was Comfort Connects and Rebecca immediately answered my email.  Even though I was grieving, Rebecca was able to give me a beautiful necklace that would be a great memorial of Chase and her life. Rebecca provided me with updates and made me feel a part of the process. I cherish the beautiful piece of jewelry that was made with Chase’s ashes and hair – it has been a comforting way to keep Chase close and remember her.

Nicole | OH, USA

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