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Pet Tribute: Duke

Labrador puppy
forever in my heart
adorable Labrador


Duke came to us on November 12th, 2015, less than a month after losing our 2-year-old pup, Case, to a grain semi accident at the farm. Duke came to us when our hearts were hurting and he had some shoes to fill. Duke was a Champagne Lab, light fur and blue eyes as a puppy; we couldn’t say no. Duke was the smartest, most loving and obedient puppy I had ever met. He was always at my side willing to give a kiss or some snuggles whenever needed, and even when you didn’t want it. Exactly a year after losing our last dog, Duke contracted a rare fungal infection, blastomycosis, on October 14th, 2016. At one-year-old Duke had gone blind in his right eye due to this awful infection. For the next six months, we drove Duke to Iowa State University Veterinarian school for this rare fungal infection. We tried our hardest with medications and love to kick this awful infection, but his time came. March 12th, 2017 Duke had his blind eye removed to try and prevent anymore fungus entering his body. The surgery was successful and he was an adorable one eye puppy. A week after his surgery, Duke took his last breath and succumbed to complications from blastomycosis. We wish his outcome was different, but we learned so much and hope that other people can educate themselves about this awful infection also. I’ll never forget his sweet face and demeanor and with this memorial jewelry, I can remember him and know I am never walking alone and he is forever with me.

Remembered by Linsey & Paul | MN, USA

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