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Pet Tribute: Emilio

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Emilio was my neurotic 11-year-old blue British shorthair/straight eared Scottish Fold. He was not a lap cat so when he shared the couch with me or occasionally laid next to me in bed, those were special moments I always treasured. He was healthy all his life until this year when he had a UTI, urinary infection and an infected tail when he was bitten by my other cat. In August I noticed his breathing seemed labored and the vet diagnosed him with Congestive Heart Failure and said he didn’t have much time. But with a Lasix shot, his breathing returned to normal and he enjoyed his new gourmet cat food and toys. I was spoiling him but still thought I’d have more time with him than I did but he went downhill a week later and he was put to sleep. It wasn’t until he was gone, I realized how much I loved and missed him. I always worried about what if something happened to me as he was afraid of all people except me and I alone understood his intricacies. I know I gave him everything he wanted and he was as happy as he could be but still, I regret I took him for granted. I found Comfort Connects and knew I wanted a pendant with his ashes or fur but I also wanted to include a whisker. I searched the house high and low for one. Finally next to the piano stool in the bedroom which on he’d sit rubbing his cheeks against the door so much so it turned brown, I found one whisker. He’d rub against the door which made a banging noise which was his signal to me to come upstairs and pet him. He’d already be laying on the floor purring, anticipating my arrival. I’m glad the last couple years I didn’t ignore his requests. He had the cutest, unique, raspy meow; I miss it so much. He disliked being held but I’d do it anyway but only for a few seconds, enjoying his stocky, heavy, squishy body. There will never be another one like Emilio, he was the most handsome cat in the world and I’m so hoping I’ll see him again someday. In the meantime, I have Rebecca’s pendant, with his photo on one side and his fur and whiskers visible on the other. It’s extremely comforting to have.

Cindy | MN, USA

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