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R.I.P Jay (Jets Triple Joak) May 1997 – November 2018

Jay came to our farm when he was almost 2 years old. Gentle, awkward sized, odd colored and lazy to a fault he was 100% unique. Eventually he filled out from big mule ears and string bean legs to strong beautiful muscles. His colouring and markings suited him and I came to love his one of a kind look. His aloof and gentle personality never changed. He was my show baby for many summers we spent hours and travel many miles together either practicing or at shows. He loved baths and being groomed. It was a constant joke Jay loved to be glammed up whether it be for the show ring or just flowers being braided into his mane on a lazy afternoon he loved the attention. He was my therapist, confidant and most trusted secret keeper. I could write a whole book telling stories and memories about how amazing a horse he was. Thank you Jay being the most trusting, loyal and loving partner a girl could ask for. Your loss will forever be felt by me. I will miss you my Big Gentle Giant. Until I see you again. I love you / will love you forever.

Jacqueline – MB, Canada

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