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Pet Tribute: Koda

German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix
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Koda was an amazing companion to our family for 11 years. He was a 125 pound black German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix. We adopted him (when he was around 2 years old) from Petsmart through a local rescue to be a pal for our son and our older dog. He was all of that and more. He never met a person or animal he didn’t like or treat gently. To say he was a gentle giant would be an understatement. He was a big, goofy guy who wished he had a small dog body, because he liked small dogs the best. We will miss his constant shedding, wet kisses, handshakes, goofy grin, and big warm body. He was the best Koda Bear ever!

Remembered by the Brown Family, TX, USA

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