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Pet Tribute: Luna

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senior boxer


Luna you beautiful creature! You are a gift to my soul, you add light to my life, thank you for sharing this journey with me.

I first met my sweet Luna while working as a Rehab Technician at an animal shelter. After all the dogs I had cared for in my 4 years of animal rescue work this girl truly stole my heart! I knew right then seeing her in that kennel and looking at her big smile she was going to be the one I’d finally take home. She was an older Boxer mix (about 8-10 years at the time) and looked like she’d had a rough past. Being covered in fleas, scars, and missing teeth, it told me a bit of her history but despite all that, she was ever loving and kind. I brought her home, cleaned her up, and she immediately made herself right at home. She even got along well with my husband’s dog Mazzy and the two became great companions. All she wanted was to give me lots of kisses and climb into my husband’s lap after work for pets and snuggles. What a daddy’s girl! She had such a big personality and her little wiggle nub tail just made my heart squish. Being a very spunky ol’ boxer lady, she had lots of energy and just loved to go for long walks and romp around the neighborhood. She would often leap off the back porch to try and chase the squirrel and birds, almost catching them “You were so close sweetheart!”. The kisses and hugs were endless, and she brought so much fun and energy into our new little family.

Sadly, after only 1 ½ years of having her, we noticed her beginning to slip and fall on hard surfaces. She would also knuckle her toes when standing and eventually had a hard time going up and downstairs. After a few doctors visits, they determined she had an incurable spine and nerve disease called Degenerative Myelopathy. It’s progressive with an insidious onset slowly paralyzing from up the spine. It broke my heart then knowing that this disease would eventually take her life. After that, we got her a wheel cart to help her go on walks with us as her strength weaned. I nursed and cared for her every day as it progressed further for about another year. On April 16th, 2018 we faced the hardest decision of our lives and had to say goodbyes to our sweet lady Luna. She ditched that cart and walked on all four paws across the rainbow bridge to doggie Valhalla. Through it all, she was a real trooper and a loving light for us both. She was happy with her family, at home in her bed, and without pain in the end. Luna my Love…we miss your sweet n’ stinky kisses, bright smile, and warm hugzz more than you know. Every day with you has been a gift and we’ll always carry a piece of you in our hearts and memories. The house is still so quiet and strange, but I feel your loving presence around me. You are gone but you are everywhere. It’s been a big adjustment for us and our girl Mazzy so I wanted to thank Rebecca for making such a beautiful memorial pendant of her ashes. Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge, I’ll now have a small piece of you to keep close to my heart. We love you, sweet girl!

Remembered by Samantha and Brandon | NC, USA

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