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Pet Tribute: Major

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Nick and I adopted Major from the Houston Sheltie Sanctuary in July 2010 at the age of 6. The first time we meet him, his foster mom Patti let him out of the bedroom because he was barking (we were there to visit a puppy). He ran up to Nick and went nose to nose with him. Nick was sold. Throughout the visit, Major was right by our side. The following week Nick convinced me to revisit Major (I wanted to adopt another dog) — the following week we did and officially applied to adopt him. His foster Mom then revealed after we left the first visit Major waited by the front door for us. The rest was history.

I deeply loved and adored Major for the past 8 1/2 years he was part of my life. He came into a period of my life that I was lonely. I felt with him I had a purpose. How do I pay tribute to my furbaby that has given his all?

Major had a unique personality as sheltie. Nick and I refer to him having human-like qualities and was quite particular. He was an excellent mentor for Cookie and Jolie showing them the routine at home; he was very patient with both. He loved eating apples and popcorn. My favorite time of day is coming home from school and seeing his happy self ready to say, “Hi Mom!” He always made my day better. Major never knew a need or want — he was very spoiled. He was always concerned with me and checking on me — he never officially went to bed until I did.

For many years Major and I ran in CPE agility. We earned 4 individual championships and he allowed me to run with funny costumes on the course. Through Major I meet many dog friends and I felt I was a part of community.

This past October we found that Major developed a cancer mass in his anal area. We went for check-ups, but the mass was not growing. Over Christmas, his mass became aggressive and grew. The past couple of weeks Nick and I discussed the quality of life for him. This past weekend his health took a turn and we made the decision to help him cross the rainbow bridge on Tuesday, February 5, 2019. I never wanted this day to come and say goodbye.

I often think if Major was not barking where would my life be? It was truly by chance we meet or God’s plan. Major thank you for choosing us to love you. I loved our life adventure we had together – I wished it was forever.

Diana & Nick | TX, USA

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