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Pet Tribute: Meowington

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Meowington was no ordinary cat, he was a once in a lifetime pet. The night before hurricane Sandy, October 2012 in New Jersey we took in him & his sister Patches to save them after feeding them & their mom for over a month, they were 2 months old then . At that point we already fell in love with them & their polydactyl paws. He was my first boy kitten. He meant the world and more to me. Sometimes you just have a special bond with a pet you can’t explain it. Whenever I would come home he was who I couldn’t wait to see. We learned in 2015 that he had feline Immunodeficiency Virus but that he was okay and he could live a normal life. Little did we know that 2 years later, in May 2017 he would suddenly get diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure and had to be hospitalized for 2 nights and was told he can live a long life on subcutaneous fluids and monitor blood work. Despite the weekly vet trips, specialists, daily fluids and medications he made a fast decline. His kidneys shut down that he became blind just a few weeks prior to his passing. He suffered a bad ear infection in which he scratched at his ear so much he scratched at his eye and made tiny ulcers which ultimately turned into the top layer of his eye tearing off. We saw him suffering, he would lose his balance and fall into his food and water bowls. He couldn’t see so he made a big mess each meal and stuck his whole face in the water bowl, but that didn’t matter I cleaned up after him each time and prayed for a miracle. Since he got sick he didn’t take interest in things he enjoyed like watching the birds, playing soccer with ping pong balls, kneading, or purring. He was never a lap cat, but his spot was next to my bed on a chair with his favorite zebra blanket in front of the window. When he was healthy he didn’t like to be held and wiggled till he got away and I had to chase him to hold him. When he let me hold him without trying to move for hours, I knew his time was coming. We just couldn’t let go until the morning I woke up and his cornea was tearing off, I couldn’t put him through another day of pain and suffering. It was single-handedly the hardest choice I ever had to make and he was my hardest goodbye, ever. I held his paw the whole way through the euthanasia, I had to be there for him. It’s been 3 months and I’m still as devastated as the day I had to say goodbye. My heart aches so much of missing him. He was really the best boy kitty you could ask for. He was kind, sweet, silly, charming, quiet, and polite (except for knocking at the blinds when they were closed) and never hissed. He didn’t bother anyone and when his sisters stole his food he let them. He jumped down the stairs in 3 quick leaps and had the personality of a prince. To me, he was royalty. He’s the first thing on my mind when I wake up and my last thought at night. I ask him to meet me in my dreams because they feel so real but he hasn’t yet. I miss you so much Meowington and I will love you for eternity. Until we meet again, watch over me baby boy, you are my Angel. Thank you to Craft Love Craft Life for making the angel wing bracelet with his fur and healing and protective crystals, I will cherish it forever. Your wings were ready but my heart was not.

Love Always, Ashley | NJ, USA

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