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Pet Tribute: Miloh

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Miloh was our first fur baby together, who we adopted at about 4 months in January of 2009. I wanted a large breed and my hubby wanted a cocker spaniel. We researched breeds and decided huskies were for us. Miloh was smaller than I wanted, but he was perfect and such a character! He was Mr. Pretty Boy and he knew it and would strut on walks…such an attitude! We made friends with the husky on the next block and ended up adopting her in June that year. Then a friend moved in the next January with her husky. They were the 3 amigos and kept us on our toes with their antics and energy. Miloh wasn’t a cuddly dog and hated giving kisses on demand. Somehow he could ALWAYS manage to get his tongue up my nose when I asked for a kiss! In November 2013, just after his 5th birthday, our lives changed forever. I was taking the dogs out to potty and he got loose. I put the other 2 inside our fence and went looking for him. Then I heard the worst noise ever…a thud…and then a yelp. I ran to the road, but by the time I could cross, he had already earned his wings. It’s been over 4 years and we still miss him every day. Our friend had cut some fur before we buried him and we had some baby teeth, so I bought little plastic vials and made keychains for the 3 of us. At the end of 2016, I saw a piece of memorial jewelry on a friend’s Facebook page. She said her vet had given it to her. I noticed the one I had made, which I carry on my purse, was pretty beat up. I was ready to call her vet for details when I found Rebecca’s page. She had the same piece and so much more! I contacted her and she responded right back and we started discussing details to have 3 new pieces made. She has been great at staying in touch throughout the process. I’m currently awaiting the return of our Miloh. Man was it hard to send him away! We still have his 2 Amigas and got a puppy last summer, but our home will never be the same. Miloh was truly special and I didn’t realize it until he was gone. It will be comforting to have him with us once again and memorialized in such a beautiful way.

Bittle Family | PA, USA

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