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Pet Tribute: Percy

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Percy the tri-coloured Collie X came into my life and heart on 3 April 2011 when my husband and I decided to foster a mature-age dog that had been surrendered to a pound. It was a failed fostering exercise because after 2 days, we decided to adopt him!

Percy loved balls, running on the beach, playing with his box of toys, riding in the car, and meeting other dogs and people. He hated thunderstorms and windy evenings. He sneezed when he was really happy or excited! He had food intolerances but enjoyed snacking on raw carrots. Percy rarely barked but always at the doorbell and postman.

He had an uncanny way of capturing hearts, either in person or through his many beach walk posts on Facebook. He did his bit for the local group protest to keep our off-leash dog beaches, by always wearing his campaigning bandana and appearing in the local newspaper and on the TV news. He hugged with his head and could knock you over with his affection. He loved to play but only before an audience. Being a “working dog” breed, he often rounded up other dogs – and me most mornings before our walk.

When Percy passed away peacefully at home on 1 September 2016, the Facebook announcement had 182 likes and 116 comments. His final meal was a bowl of ice cream.

In his last year, he’d suffered two operations and ultimately cancer, but in the 5+yrs he was in our lives, Percy was very much loved and happy. As he aged, the vet said he was 2-3 years older than we thought, making him at least 12yrs when he passed.

Percy gave us so much more than we ever gave him. Our hearts are heavy but we know he’s chasing balls and herding dogs at Rainbow Bridge.

I had cut some of his hair off just before he died, and I kept it in a plastic zip-lock bag until I found that perfect piece of jewellery to house it. When I saw Rebecca’s business online and had a bit of a chat to her, I just knew she was the one to make this special keepsake for me to wear.

Donna (& Shane) Bennett | Thirroul, NSW, Australia

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