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Pet Tribute: Robot

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I adopted Robot from a shelter when he was a sick and scared little puppy. He turned into a very loyal companion. He would only warm up to a few close friends, but in general, would make it known he didn’t want anyone near his mommy. He had a strong personality for such a little dog and I loved that about him. He was my cuddle buddy, my photo model, my walking partner, my door greeter, my meal companion, my foot warmer, my medicine when I was sick or sad, my sunshine, my muse, my son and my best friend. I have had many pets before but I have never had such a special bond with a dog the way I have with Robot. My heart aches every day when I wake up and go to bed and realize my little baby isn’t with me. I appreciate every day I had with him but would give anything to have had more time with him. I am so glad he came into my life. He made my life better for having him in it. My necklace is one way of keeping him closer to my heart as if that were even possible.

Remembered by Charlotte | CA, USA

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