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Pet Tribute: Rocco

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My husband (then boyfriend) adopted Rocco when he was only 5 months old with his brother Midnight. While we were living apart, he left Rocco with me to keep me company. Rocco immediately was taken to me and has always wanted to be on my lap and never too far from my side. He would follow me at night to the bedroom and wait patiently as I get ready for bed. Rocco moved cross country with us several times that tired his body. He was diagnosed with a heart murmur as a kitten. He is so loving and always welcomed my bear hugs and kisses. He was my gentleman and always watched over the kitties who we adopted at a later date. Unfortunately one Saturday in May I noticed that he has not been eating as frequently as he would normally and that he has started to lose weight. We quickly rushed him to the vet and consequently he was diagnosed with feline infectious peritonitis. Unfortunately, FIP is incurable and we had to make the difficult decision to let Rocco go. I am glad that he was able to spend the majority of the week with us at home where he visited his frequent hangouts and some time for us to say goodbye. Rocco’s death is devastating to me and I started looking for a way to carry him with me. Rebecca helped to design the bracelet that I wear daily now that contains Rocco’s fur and his undying love. I will always miss him; however, having a piece of him helps ever so much.

With all our love, Vivian | Maryland, USA

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