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Pet Tribute: Syd

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Syd was a gift to me from my husband (boyfriend at the time) when I was 16 years old. Syd was just a few months old! He was a beagle/pug mix and I fell in love with him from the minute I first saw him!

Life with Syd was certainly an adventure. He knew how to push buttons and was very good at doing things he knew he wasn’t supposed to do! And he ALWAYS acted like a puppy, even well into his senior years!

He was also a complete love who was always glued to us. Definitely a shadow that I’d rather not live without.

Syd’s favorite place in the world was in the Outer Banks. He’d only been there twice (2008 and 2016) but he had the time of his life.

Syd was mostly healthy throughout his life until 2015 when he got really sick from steroids which he was prescribed for his back. It was at that time we found out that he also had a splenic mass. Luckily he managed to get through 2015 and was feeling great again! And we knew just how lucky we were to still have him with us.

Unfortunately in late 2016, he started getting sick. After many months of numerous blood draws, x-rays, ultrasounds, food changes, and medications, we realized he just wasn’t getting any better. He was getting worse. We also didn’t know the cause of all of this. We only knew that there was inflammation in his stomach and intestines.

We did not want to put him through a scope. Basically, it would be a lot for him to go through, and the treatment for him would be identical to what we were already doing.

His 14th birthday was March 31, 2017. We celebrated big on Friday and then that weekend, we took him to the Jersey shore, despite how bad he was feeling. We stayed overnight and went to the beach and the dog park and made the best of it. He really did have a fantastic time.

He was hospitalized for a few days the following week but the weekend after, we had to make the difficult decision to let him go.

Syd was there for almost half of our lives, and losing him is something we can never get over. Our day to day is just not the same without him.

I cherish the photos and videos we have, and I am so happy to have this beautiful necklace so that Syd can continue to go on our trips with us, and always be close to my heart.

Remembered by Kimberly | PA, USA

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