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The Ultimate Pet Lover Bracelet

pet lover birthstone bracelet

Our pets mean the absolute world to us – they are our everything. Many consider their pet to be part of the family or even their baby. No one is going to deny that the love we have for our pets is like no other. When we experience major events in our life, our pets are there; and when they aren’t there, we wish they were. Having our pets play such a major role on our life, no wonder it is so difficult for us when they aren’t right by our side. Just imagine if we could bring them everywhere with us.

Let me tell you about a piece I created called Pet Lover Birthstone Bracelet and what inspired me to create this special piece.


My little dachshund, Sadie, was my main inspiration behind this piece. Since the first day she came into our home, I could never imagine my life without her. She never wanted to leave my side, nor did I ever want to leave her side. We don’t know much about her back story other than she was found as a stray and was left unclaimed at the shelter. She is very timid and suffers separation anxiety, which I can only expect developed from her past. My desire to keep her safe and comforted throughout the years has created a strong bond between us; a different bond than I’ve had with any other animal. This strong bond led me to create a bracelet that I could wear every day as a sweet reminder of my love and bond I share with Sadie.


The bracelet features two birthstone crystal beads, one on either side of a paw print charm. One bead is my birthstone and the other is my dogs, Sadie. Since she is a rescue, we don’t know when her birthday is, so I used the month that we adopted her. Of course, if you wanted to pay tribute to two of your pets, you could have each of their birthstones instead. These beads are genuine crystals and are a beautiful way to show love for your pet. The charm I created has a paw print inside a heart to symbolize the never-ending love I have for my dog. I’m sure many of you can relate to that kind of pet love. The bracelet is finished with a sterling silver chain and clasp, creating an elegant and symbolic tribute to your pet.

Custom design

Are you wondering how you can order a pet lover birthstone bracelet? It’s easy! Check out the listing below, select your size, select the birthstones that you would like, add it to your cart, and pay. Your customized bracelet will be handmade and in the mail to you within a week. If you are interested in more than two beads on your bracelet, feel free to purchase the additional beads below.

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