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How I created a custom memorial necklace

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Do you ever feel worlds apart from your loved one or pet, no matter the distance? Living across the country from your family home or losing a loved one can definitely create a distant feeling. There are ways of creating that connection you desire by incorporating your memories and stories into your own keepsake using their hair or ashes. I can create a custom piece for you with a design that is filled with memories.

First, let me tell you about how I created the design for the Worlds Apart memorial necklace.

The inspiration

After visiting with my family and dog for a few weeks, I needed to create a necklace to capture the moments I have with my family, especially my dog. Being at home with my family is uplifting and makes me feel whole; I am grateful for the opportunity to travel home but I wish I got to more often. When I fly home, I find inspiration in the experience of flying, and this time above the clouds I designed a necklace that would capture the feelings and memories I had with my family. There is something really beautiful about the sky that spans the distance between us and our loved ones. When you’re above the clouds, the distance doesn’t seem so vast, and I was inspired to reflect on the distances between us and our loved ones, and how our memories can span these distances.

One of my other favourite places to be is the beach. Living less than five minutes away from the shore, my family often goes for short walks along the coastline. Usually, we are the only people on the beach, and though it is just a short moment away from our day-to-day life it is so peaceful. The beach is the perfect place for reflection and to reminisce about our most treasured memories.

The design

The shape of the necklace represents the plane wing and the power of travel that brings together loved ones. Triangles are also often used to represent the past, present, and future. This is an important element of the design as I wanted to treasure my memories, be present in the now, and be excited about the future with my family. Including the wonderful memories made on our walks to the beach was another must for the design. The two components of the piece represent the ocean meeting the sand, much like those two worlds coming together again.

Worlds Apart is customized with the hair and ashes of your loved one. Thankfully, my family dog is still alive, but I wanted to include his birth month colour along with his hair. This month is special to me as I have many amazing memories from meeting and falling in love with him for the first time. Having the essence of the moment our eyes met captured in this necklace is something that I will always treasure.

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Your custom design

If you are feeling disconnected from your loved ones, take a look at our the wide range of designs we offer or have your own custom design created! These keepsakes are the perfect way to keep them close in a tangible way. Send me a message with your ideas, including some memories you would like incorporated into the design. I would love the opportunity to work with you on preserving your memories in a unique way.

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